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Thursday, February 18, 2010

February Update

My January goal of "Clutter Free Me" continues, as that is something that is never truly done. Life brings clutter. So large and small tweaks are a constant thing.

To empty out my office in order to make it functional quickly, I shoved everything loose into boxes and put them on pallets in my garage. So this month I have been taking one box at a time to sort when I have time and the concentration to do it. I've gotten 5 done (we're not going to talk about how many boxes are on those pallets...).

Yesterday I made a run to Lowes and Walmart to pick up the things I need to redo my drab laundry room. I'll post before and after photos when I'm done.

While on that shopping run I went by the local Habitat for Humanity "Restore" shop (one never knows when a treasure can be found there) and I found 3 metal bookcases for a song. Only problem is they are black. So there's another redo in my near future. There will be before and after shots of those too.

This month's "Remodel Me" goal is coming along nicely. New routines are going into place, changes are happening, habits are being formed. I will continue writing about them this month.

2010 has been the year of the snow for Clarksville, as it has been for much of the eastern US. I don't recall having this many snows in the 24 years we've lived here. I think we have had five snow falls. We've had a couple deeper ones (I can remember a couple times getting 10"-12") but not as many different fronts coming thru. Personally, I have enjoyed it. My only frustrations with it have been the canceling of activities I wanted to do. But I can understand others frustration - those who have to go to work in the stuff. A dear friend was in a wreck that could have been tragic because of black ice. By grace he was fine but his car was totaled.

I spent a week at the beginning of the month with my family in Missouri. Had a great time. Spoiled little Hanna as best I could and according to Himself I have "ruined" her. How? By activating the Home Goods shopping gene! LOL He doesn't know the half of it... ;-D

And speaking of Himself, he is now safely tucked into a harbor somewhere around Atka, Alaska. That's in the Aleutian Island chain. The ship is processing cod - big ones from what I hear.

As the saying goes - "... and that is the rest of the story".


  1. Good luck with the decluttering project. It's always a bear to tackle, isn't it? But it's awfully worthwhile to do, and less to clean too.

    My brother was talking about being quite into Feng Shui (I think that's how that is spelled, not positive), which truly surprised me, as my brother is decidedly not the type. Then it turn out it was all a ruse, he'd figured out that if he turned to feng shui it would be a good excuse for him to throw out everything underneath the bed, etc. and have a good explanation for his wife.

    "I did it to get rid of the &^%$ we collected in ten year's of marriage. "

    Ah well :-)

  2. I love makeovers...can't wait to see what you come up with. ~Lili


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