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Monday, March 22, 2010

Noteworthy Blogs

I've started following blogs of others and have come across some really excellent blogs. Some make me laugh and some have caused me to cry. There are some that share fantastic ideas for decorating or great recipes. Some have made me think about things in a way I never had before.

I decided that there are posts too good not to share. So I'm going to start showing off posts that I've particularly enjoyed each week. I hope you enjoy them too.

This joke tickled me. I can just see it... can't you?

This one made me laugh out loud as I was reading it. What a hoot!

Fantastic photos! I'm certainly not as hardcore as the photographer she shared. This is the one that inspired me to post some of my photos from Kenya.

I want to go to this beach!!!

Here's the one that made me cry.

And one that made me laugh... especially since the writer is near and dear to me.


  1. Well now, that was fun, Teri! I'd seen a few of those posts, but three were new to me. Thank you for pointing me in that direction, as I enjoyed them all :-)

  2. Glad you all enjoyed them. There is some great talent out there.


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