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Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Goal - Operation Clean Sweep: Shed

I'm taking my decluttering and organizing show on the road. A very short road. More like a driveway. My driveway.

April is my month to tackle the dreaded shed. I'll also be doing some work on the garage as there are shed and yard things in there too.

Last December when Himself brought in the yard things for the winter, we hadn't gotten the shelves built to put them on. No vertical storage space means that every little bit of floor space gets stuffed full. Stuffed full floor space means I can't reach the shelves we built in the back of the shed to put away things from the garage.

Did you ever see the TV show "Clean Sweep"? In the show, the Clean Sweep team would descend on some lucky person's home and remove EVERYTHING from 2 rooms. An organizing expert (Peter Walsh) would help them get rid of the junk and then organize the things that remained. The building expert would make nice storage units for the things to go into. The designing expert would make it all look good.

We're going to "clean sweep" without the expert help. Empty -- create storage space -- cull junk -- bring back the remaining things and put away in their new home. Oh yeah! (And once the shed is done, I can get the extra stuff out of the garage!)

Stayed tuned to see the organizing ideas I've found put to use!

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