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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Questions and Answers from the Comments

“Accessories from My Travels”
Lindy said: Your collection is beautiful even without the memories, but your door is gorgeous! What kind of wood is that??
Teri answers: Spanish walnut. We love the grain on it.

“Mount Kenya Safari Club”
steviewren said: It sounds like you had a wonderful trip. Was this your first time to visit Kenya?
Teri answers: Yes it was. Himself had been there in ’98. We’re hoping to go back in a few years.

Good Eats: Savannah Tea House in Nashville
Ethelmaepotter! said: Can't remember which of your blogs it was: the new bird in the neighborhood - did you get it at Blue Spring Gifts in Pleasant View?
Teri answers: No, I picked it up at the Target in Clarksville. I’ve seen similar ones at Blue Springs tho. Too cute.

“May Renovation: Front Porch (Before)”
Kathy G said: How long have you lived in this house?
Teri answers: Almost 2 years. There were sooo many things that HAD to be done, I'm now finally getting to do things that I WANT done.

“Lunch with the Ladies”
Karen said: That looks like it was so much fun! I love fresh herbs, but have a hard time keeping them alive. :(
Teri answers: Herbs are basicaly weeds and a lot from dry climates. Too much care can kill them more than neglect. Find a place with not great but well draining soil (most HATE wet feet) in a sunny location. Inside herbs are not going to make it… no matter what. Fine to have them in for a bit but they really want to be outside.


  1. What a great idea to save the questions up and answer them all at once!

  2. Teri, thanks for the info. I didn't know they were like weeds. I'll try not to baby them too much. :)

  3. I have just been reading over your blog. I love the T-shirt that said "Herb Whisperer". Wonderful...! And the table setting looked gorgeous. What fun!

    There is nothing like fresh herbs. I love dill on salmon. Yum. Have you tried salmon baked on a cedar plank with maple syrup. Divine!

  4. Thanks for letting me know about the bird. The ones at Blue Springs are EXPENSIVE, so I'll be making a trip to Target!


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