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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Comments and Answers

With the fuss of getting Himself packed and gone for salmon season, I didn't get my comment replies done last week. I'm really going to work on doing this every Sunday!

Bonsai Class - Kabudachi Maple

Lindy said...
That looks like a fun project. Bjorn looks pretty good, too.

Teri replies: He is a cutie, isn't he? Even tho he's probably young enough to be my son!

Karen said...
Wow, can you do that with most any "tree?"

Teri replies: Maple are the best since they are such vigorous growers. But just about any maple will work well.

Guest Blog: Himself "Old Soldier"

Karen said...
Thank you for that moving post. Thank you for serving. God Bless this Memorial Day.

ethelmaepotter! said...
How touching! You should post this every Memorial Day.

Fearless Nester said...
A beautiful post. And I love the part about God's perfect timing. ~Lili

Teri replies: Himself thanks you for the compliments.

June Renovation – Garage & Truck

Brenda said...
Ah, the garage! During a visit my dad helped me clear out part of mine a few years ago -- we could only get one car in it at the time. After paring down some of the boxes and junk we were able to get two cars in it at last. Every once in awhile my dad will ask me the test question: "Can you still get both of your cars in your garage?" I know I'll be in deep trouble if I ever have to tell him we can't,

Teri replies: LOL I know the feeling! Sometimes it gets too close...

June Landscaping Project – Iris Bed

Kathy G said...
I wouldn't use gravel.. it won't do anything to keep weeds from growing,

Teri replies: Gravel was suggested by my exterminator as a defense against termites in the areas close to the house. With the type of borders I have, flying gravel won't be an issue. And for the weeds, I have to use a heavy duty weed cloth. We have some BAD weeds here...


Fearless Nester said...
That is just too precious for words Teri. Sounds like Carmen has become very attached to you both to feel that comfortable! ~Lili

Teri replies: The little chippy is a bit too comfortable! When she came in the house one time, she kept landing on my head as we tried to shoo her out the door! She's such a brat.

Lesley said...
Hi Teri. Ethelmae pointed me in your direction. I love this post! Wrens are usually such shy and secretive birds. I'm absolutely amazed that Carmen is sharing her life so openly with you. :)

Teri replies: There is nothing shy about Carmen. Has to be the most nosey bird I've ever seen. She is often trapped in the garage for hours when she zips in there as I'm backing out. Then she fusses at me when I get home and open the door. -sigh-

Recycle For Everyone

Fearless Nester said...
...Yep, we recycle. Maine has always been good like that. ~Lili

Teri replies: I wish recycling would become manitory. The world has to stop wasting its resourses!!

Family Tradition moves to the next generation – German Pancakes

Karen said...
Those look good, but that sweetie takes the prize!

ethelmaepotter! said...
Those pancakes look delectable and little Hanna is too cute for words!

Teri replies: Thanks for the compliments! She certainly has me wrapped around her finger.

Day Lily Explosion

Kathy G said...
Wow! Love the variety.

Teri replies: There's a hybridizer who lives close to here. She sells the ones she doesn't like as much for really great prices.

Karen said...
Great flowers, you really have a green thumb. Thanks for sharing.

Teri replies: Actually, they are a pretty tough plant. As my sister says of her garden (and it can be said of mine) "Only the strong survive here!"

My "Green Day" at the ReStore shop

Karen said...
Wow, that stuff is so cool! ... And a butterfly house--do you have to put something special in it? Can't wait to see it all in "action."

Teri replies: From what I have read, all I need to do is put a stick or a piece of bark inside for them to cling to. They will take it from there.

flowerweaver said...
Your Re-store has more interesting stuff than the ones I've visited! Good finds!

Teri replies: They are good! I've gotten so much stuff from them. said...
great stuff! My hab re-store isn't the best. However when I visit my daughter in n'ville I go to both of them there.

Teri replies: Nashville stores?? Oh my, I've got to find those addresses! This could be dangerous!! LOL


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  1. Salmon season! Why yes that would be a good reason to go to Alaska. Hope he brings home some for you to put your culinary skills to good use! ~Lili


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