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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Goals Update

Jan “Clutter Free Me” – Decluttering is becoming a way of life. I’m continuing with going thru boxes from the garage and shed. It’s a tedious job and I confess I allow myself to get distracted easily, especially with Himself home. I’ll be getting back at it now that he’s back up in AK and it’s too hot to do anything outside most of the day.

Feb “Remodel Me” – Humph. It’s coming…not as quickly or as easily as I would like…but it’s coming.

March “Taming the Paper Tiger” – That’s up there with the decluttering. I’ve developed a sorting method of small plastic bins to hold different categories – home ideas, garden ideas, sponsor kids things, and so on. Still working on getting everything where it belongs.

April “Clean Sweep: Shed” – It’s coming along more slowly than I’d hoped. Family comes first and that has been my priority. And when you add in that May has been the wettest month on record… meaning I haven’t been able to drag things out of the shed to make room to work. But I am managing to work on it a bit every week so eventually it will be done.

May “Curb Appeal” – There was over 18 inches of rain in the month of May – making this the wettest May in recorded history. The week we were up in Missouri was one of the few dry stretches in TN during May (it rained 13 days of the 24 we were home). It started raining again the day before we came back. –sigh- There was one bonus to the rain – it made it a lot easier to dig holes for all those plants we’ve gotten and for the little pond we put in. However, once the rain stopped… the heat and humidity came in. One could work a few hours in the morning and a few hours in the evening. Guess you’ve figured it out… didn’t get it all done in May.

So… while ever single goal I’ve set is not “accomplished”, in a way they are. Because I am still working on them instead of just doing a little something for a few weeks and quitting. And the whole point of trying this idea of New Years Goals was to start change in my life.


  1. Teri, I'm impressed. You've set great goals, and working on them is so good. Wish I could make myself do that! :P Say, that restaurant looked great!

  2. Wow, this is a great way to keep on top of those resolutions. Good for you!


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