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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Comments and Answers

Because I’ve been out of pocket for so long and still in catch-up mode, I’m only able to answer a few the wonderful comments that have been left.

First and most important – thank you for the congrats and compliments on my niece and nephew!

Grow Your Own

Fearless Nester said... Teri, Last year was my first ever veggie garden an... Teri, Last year was my first ever veggie garden and I fell completely in love with it. It's just a tiny garden spot, but I feel a special connection to it that I did not know I was even missing before! I think it would be so much fun to be your neighbor, I just love all your interests! ~Lili

Teri said… And here I’ve been thinking what a grand neighbor you’d be!!

Amish Quilt Auction

The Good Cook said...
The quilts are beautiful! I hand quilt so every, single quilt (to me) is a piece of someone's soul. All the time, care and love put into a quilt.. sigh. My mother has a double wedding ring quilt her grandmother made her for her wedding - 55 years ago. I am currently working on two quilts - one a queen size for our bed and a second in log cabin style for our guest room. Do you quilt yourself?

Teri said… No and yes. I’ve taken a class on quilting. And I have one that is in progress. But I’m not going to admit how long “in progress” has been…

Brenda said...
What wonderful stories and wonderful quilts! Each one is a work of art. My aunt was a skillful seamstress and made beautiful handmade quilts. She made me a handsome hand sewn quilt that I still use on my bed. I have one other quilt she made and a wall hanging. She lived in Ohio and I remember her talking about the exquisite workmanship of the Amish's quilts. Thanks for sharing this outing with us. Love the quilts you selected for Owen.

Teri said… What treasures you have from your aunt! Hand done quilts are becoming so rare.

Fearless Nester said...
Oh Teri, I just got through reading your husband's story and then how delightful to read this post about the auction and see a picture of Johnnie-Ray too. It brought the whole story that I just read to life! How lucky little Owen is to have such a special Auntie! I love quilts, I just don't own any though. The ones made by my Grandmother especially, we don't know what happened to them all over the years before she passed. But I do have a special braided rug she made that even included fabric from some of my high school dresses! Great story Teri! ~Lili

Teri said… braided rugs are another disappearing heritage skill. It’s wonderful you have one from your family!

Saving Cash By Clipping

Kathy G said... I stopped using coupons for grocery store items (mostly) years ago. I do the "big" shopping at Aldi and fill in at the other stores (mainly meat and produce) and I still come out ahead.

Teri said… I am fortunate to be able to use the Ft Campbell commissary. The savings are fantastic and I can use my coupons too. It just takes us about 45 minutes to drive up there, so it is a well planned outing!

July Goal – A Purpose Driven Life

Lindy said...
My husband, the therapist, laughingly said that I shouldn't read "The Purpose Driven Life", because I am already so driven.

Teri said… Then it is exactly what you needed. It’s not about how to become driven, but rather how to focus on what you need to be doing.

July Renovation - Deck and Patio

Karen said...
Wow, you have a big project, but it will look great! Can you put a sealer on the pine boards before paint?

Teri said... I'm not sure. It came right thru the heavy paint. I'll have to ask at Lowes.

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