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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Comments and Answers

Trenton Days - Mega Yard Sale

Fearless Nester said... LOVE those chairs! I know exactly what colors I would paint them.

Teri said… I’m open to suggestions!

Before and After: A Dresser for Owen

Karen said... Teri, great job! That looks wonderful. I need to look for things like that, but can I borrow the sander? :P

Teri said... I'd just save a step and go get one... because once you use one, you'll be hooked for life! Five hours of hand sanding done in five minutes! Whoo-hoo!

Fearless Nester said... Wow, didn't that turn out fabulous!! It looks like something from Pottery Barn Kids! ~Lili

That is EXACTLY the look we were going for. Sis had her eye on a PB dresser but the price was prohibitive. Even at the PB outlet in Memphis.


Completely Coastal + Daily Vitamin Sea said... Wow! Would be neat if you could find use for all the glass pieces,

ethelmaepotter! said... I'd be willing to be that Martha Stewart could find some ingenious little project to create something beautiful with those shards. Are you going to have a new top made for the table?

Karen said... That's so strange. Maybe you could get a lightweight plywood, or something and do a mosaic of tiles or broken china with your glass pieces for the top of the table.

Teri said... You all are thinking the same way I am. I figuring out how to attach a piece of plywood where the glass was and doing a tile and shard mosaic on top.

Oh, I think I may have figured out what happened. While the heat didn't "melt the glass" as I had joked... it may have melted the glue that was holding the glass in place! And when the table cooled in the evening, it popped loose.

Who? Me? What Can I Do?

Land of shimp said... Also, yes, I've often wished I had the wherewithal to be a philanthropist. I guess I should quit putting off winning Powerball, shouldn't I?

Teri said... the grand thing about being a "small" philanthropist is it can make you feel like you are quite rich as you see what drops in the bucket can do for those who are truly poor.

Cleaning Up My Ride

steviewren said... I'm impressed that your truck is so organized. Seems like you are ready for every contingency.

Karen said... Love sprucing up the truck. You are always so organized and so inspiring. :)

Maggie May said... That is REALLY organised! The truck looks brilliant. I could take a lesson from this post! everything about my life needs organising, right now!
Maggie x

Teri said... One thing that really pushes my gritchy button is to not be able to find something I KNOW I have or to not have it available for quick access. I've been working on decluttering and organizing in a serious manner since January. It's starting to come together.

50 Before 50 - Thoughts On My Birthday

Kathy G said... You have a good head start on a "new thing daily for a year" blog :-)

Teri said... Whoa! I'll be happy to get these 50 done in my 24 months allotted! LOL

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  1. Oh Teri I meant to comment on this one. There is a chair almost exactly like the one you have at a neighbor's house up the street from me and it is turquoise. So that's the color that came to mind when I saw yours, since it's such a great retro color (especially when you see it on a 57 Chevy!) ~Lili


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