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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Comments and Answers

Recent "Nifty, Thrifty" Finds

Kathy G said... I can't wait to see what you have in mind for the luggage; I have one JUST LIKE it!

Teri said... I'll be finished with it soon and doing a before and after post on it. I have special plans for it!

When Words Don’t Mean Anything

Kathy G said... Very thought-provoking post. What do you think the answer is? should we try to reclaim the original meaning of the words, or come up with new ones?

Teri said... While I think English is an imprecise language, I think we have enough words to express meaning without changing the meaning of words. I've had several teachers who would grade off if a word wasn't used correctly, but would give the point back if you looked up the word misused and found a correct word instead - and showed them the work.

I've become lazy over time but I'm trying to change that bad habit.

"Bring Your Own Tree" bonsai workshop

Karen said... Teri, that's so neat. I didn't know that about the leaves. I know yours will look great. How long before the leaves grow back. And yes, they do have an uncanny resemblance.

Teri said... it started budding out about 4 days ago. I'll get a photo up soon!

Mom said Guy reminded her of Richard Gere. Hmmmmm...

Fearless Nester said... Thanks for posting this, I had no idea that's how it is done! Looking forward to your updates on this. ~Lili

Teri said... it's a lot of cutting and wiring. The trees I have are tough by their own nature, I'm not ready to deal with a prissy bonsai!

August Renovation and August Landscaping Project

Kathy G said... Yes, Midwest weather isn't conducive to being outside. Although yesterday it was "only" 88 and we took a walk after dinner. Tomorrow, though, is supposed to be 100 degrees actual temperature; with the humidity it will feel much hotter than that!

Teri said... I remember back even 20 years ago it was cooler in MO than down here in TN. Now the temps are almost the same in the summer. (Y'all still have a cooler, more snowy winter).

Fearless Nester said... on the flip side, the really cold can be very dangerous too, I think that's how snow birds came to exist! Take it easy in that heat Teri, I heard the forecast for your area this morning. Yikes! ~Lili

Teri said... I could get into snow birding. Except this bird would be looking for cool... not warmer temps! Something in the 60s to mid 70s would be lovely.

Before and After: Fireplace Mantel

ethelmaepotter! said... I just looked at you fireplace mantel and LOVE IT!!!! I don't know what my favorite piece is: either the Mexican "candles," or the Maasai bust, or the balalaika...with my favorite building, St. Basil's on it!

Teri said... I think for pure memory, my favorite is the balalaika. I bought it at probably 1am at the overlook in front of the Moscow University. All Moscow was sparkling below us. When I got back to the apartment, my friend Alex tuned it and played a bit on it. It's a true musical instrument. And actually seeing St Basil's was incredible. I was there in '94... and at that point in time had hardly dreamed of walking thru Red Square.


Fearless Nester said... Oh WOW, I'm with your Dad on that one! Little Mike Tyson for sure! Thankfully where we live, there are no poisonous snakes to be found! ~Lili

Teri said... We have too many poisonous snakes around here! Copperheads (beautiful snakes), several types of rattlesnakes and Water Moccasin/Cottonmouth. The only one that really worries me is the Moc. They are just plain mean and aggressive snakes. The others will try to avoid you.

gaelikaa said... I've seen my share of snakes too out here in India. But nothing like that! Yikes!

Teri said... I was thinking "Yikes" when I read about your gutter snakes!!

Jill said... Glad that little guy got relocated. He is an angry little fellow.

Teri said... Yes, he was pretty miffed about getting tossed in the jar. If at all possible I will not kill a snake (except a Moc). I'd rather relocate them. Those old lady grabber things make a great snake stick and I have a container I keep especially for moving them.

Sew What?

The Good Cook said... Good for you for tackling a new project and skill set. I love to sew and hopefully you will find many hours of enjoyment creating.

Teri said... It will be interesting. I've ordered a "Sewing For Dummies" book, hopefully that will help!

ethelmaepotter! said... I loved sewing when I was younger - made my sister's wedding gown, even designed and cut my own patterns, including a little linen jacket for my son's second Easter. I wouldn't know where to begin these days!

Teri said... Wow!

Fearless Nester said... The staple gun is always my friend when I do cushions, but I have yet to tackle a big chair! But then again, my favorite stitch is zig zag and that's about as fancy as I ever get. Waiting to see what your clever self comes up with! ~Lili

Teri said... My basic little sewing machine does straight and zigzag stitches. Nothing else. Hope that's all I need!

Cindi said... I'll put you to work doing stuff for your niece!!!

Teri said... that is part of my motivation!!!

Before and After: I Promised You A Rose Garden

Kathy G said... Very nice!

I've used weed cloth before. It worked pretty well, but there were some shallow-rooted plants that managed to thrive in the small layer of mulch, so don't expect to never have to weed the bed again :-)

Do cannas grow year-round in your area? They die back in the fall here, so every year they need to be dug out and replanted in the spring. It's worth it, though.

Teri said... I can live with shallow root weeds occasionally. I can get those out fairly easy. What I get normally are roots-sunk-all-the-way-to-China.

Yes, the cannas winter over here. They die back to ground level but are back again in May.

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