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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Comments and Answers

ARRRGH!!! It's been a MONTH since I've done this!

Sorry, it's been kind of hectic around here. I was gone for a week for Hanna's birthday. And while I was up there Himself emailed and said instead of being gone until mid October he had a week off -- and would be coming home for a break! Which meant I had THREE days to get the house from sorting mess to presentable. HEEP!!! Then back up to MO (where he flew in to see the kids), back down to TN and he left again for AK on the 6th.


First I'd like to welcome my new followers! Thanks for joining.

And I'd like to say THANK YOU to everyone for the lovely compliments are my recent projects. Your encouragement is wonderful!


Before and After: Shed Exterior

Teri said... Hello to a fellow "Teri"! I love your garage - it looks fabulous! It certainly has me thinking about the curb appeal of my own place, even if it is a rental. I'm your newest follower! :)

Teri said... Until we bought this house a couple years ago, we always rented. You can fix up rentals in ways that you can either take with you or that are inexpensive enough to leave behind. I've found most landlords are OK with improvements.

And thanks for following!


What A Difference One Year Makes: Hanna’s First Birthday

Inkwell said... yay Hanna! I see your Mom is wearing the apron!

Teri said...The apron was a hit! Hanna loved the way the lights changed colors and flashed.


Salud! at Whole Foods: Shrimp and Grits 'Express Lunch'

Fearless Nester said... That puff pastry looks like the perfect complement to tomatoes, basil and cheese. Yum! Thanks for the recipe. ~Lili

Teri said... I'm taking 3 more cooking classes this month. So there will be more coming! The tart was fantastic!


Salud! at Whole Foods: Cheese Making

mrsnesbitt said... After reading your comment over on Jo's blog I had to check you out! A great blog I must say and I looked in your archives too! I enjoy cooking too, and enjoying the happy life I lead! Great to know you.

Teri said... Hi Denise! Thanks.

Oh... to answer your comment over on the old blog... Bjorn is from Knoxville. Who knows, he probably does give workshops over there. :-)

shannon i olson said... Hey, I just made my first cheese yesterday....goat cheese, simple starts. Today I was aiming for the mozzarella, I know I am not sure about all the reheating, kneading etc. but what the heck. Thanks for the great photos.

Teri said... How did it go?


Movie Review: "Get Low"

Jo said... The trailer actually looks pretty good -- of course that can be deceiving. But what a great cast. I just might check it out.

Teri said... Have you seen it yet?

Amanda English said... According to reviews the language is pretty bad... I find it so hard and frustrating to find movies that don't use the Lord's name in vain! I wish people would make movies with out the horrible language!!!

Teri said... I didn't find the language all that bad. There was some cursing but in a real sort of way. That's life. Personally I find a snarky or vengeful attitude more offensive than a bit of profanity. Attitude shows the heart - words can be deceitfully sweetened up or edited.


Good Eats: The Hotel Ste. Genevieve in Missouri

Fearless Nester said... Oh that's so cute Teri! What a great tradition. Although personally I would have lots of Shirley Temples to forego that liver thing LOL!) ~Lili

Teri said... The liver knieffles are good! You don't get a heavy "liver" taste because of all the spices used. The flour to make the dumpling cuts the flavor too.


September Goal – “A Warm Welcome”

Fearless Nester said... Ooooh that sounds like a fun project Teri! Gosh, desserts displayed on cake pedestals or under glass cloches, flowers from the yard tucked here and there all over the house, special soaps with beautiful scents, lots interesting books and magazines to browse through. That's what immediately comes to mind for me, and I look forward to seeing whatever you and others come up with too! ~Lili

Teri said... GREAT ideas. Especially the desserts one! LOL I'm having fun with this project.

Brenda said... What a great idea, Teri! For me, it's all about the bathroom. LOL Nice and clean, with a special hand towel so I don't feel I'm using someone else's, scented liquid soap (like Bath and Body sells), not having to search (embarrassing) for the extra roll of TP, maybe some breath mints in a little dish so I can easily freshen up. If I'm staying over, an extra toothbrush and toothpaste just in case, being told where the towels and washcloths are, and simply being told to make myself at home to snacks and drinks in the fridge! (I don't want much, do I?) This summer we set out a basket on the coffee table with local maps, tourist brochures, and postcards for our house guests to use.

Teri said... Thanks for the ideas. I'll be adding those to my plans.


Home Renovation – The Guest Bedroom & Linen Closet

Kathy G said... I love it when a guest bathroom has a supply of shampoo, conditioner, and body wash and fluffy towels.

Inkwell said... if there is a nightstand, I suggest maybe a couple note pads, and pencils, some reading material, and or crossword puzzles. Something that people can or might want to relax. Facial tissue, a night light (just thinking of things that I have had left for me as a guest that I loved).

steviewren said... Hi Teri, nice new spot you have over here. My first thought on what I would love in a guest room is a lamp beside the bed and some magazines or books to browse through.

Karen said... I like all the above suggestions along with a couple of candles, bowl of candy, and a basket of magazines. In the bathroom, I like to have a couple of extra new toothbrushes and candles in there, too.

Teri said... Excellent ideas all! I'm going to use every one of them!


Photo Challenge: The Incredible Egg

Razmataz said... love the wrens nest in the shoe! And \ostrich eggs are always so wonderful. Thank you so much for joing us this week.

Teri said... Thanks for doing the photo challenge! I am so enjoying it!

Kit said... Is that a boot the wren built her nest in?

Teri said... Yes, Carmen the Wren is an opportunist. She got a nest in there before I got the boots moved.


Scaring Small Children

Jo said... Aw ... I like his hair long. He's cute...! But there's no point in making little children cry. :-( *heh*

Kathy G said... I didn't think his hair was long until I saw the After picture. Glad Hanna was able to recognize him.

Teri said... Girlfirends -- his hair is thick and wavey. It goes wild when it's long. Talk about "can't do a thing with it". On the ship it doesn't matter. Besides the Samoan kids have WAY longer and wavier hair (but it looks GOOD on them... -grin- ).


Highway Flotsam

Fearless Nester said... Oh that's funny Teri! I would have no idea what to do with that, but I like the idea you had for the doggie bed decor! ~Lili

Teri said... I just had to throw in the photo with Sasha (I was puppy sitting that weekend). We are always teasing about how round she is. She is a little 'fluffy' but mainly just rock solid.

Funky Junk Interiors said... Well now, I'm honored you'd mention me in this little venture!

I would distress it and hang it up on the wall somewhere. Or cut a chunk off of it but purposely cut through a letter so only part of it shows (missing letters are cool!) and screw it onto the kitchen island or a piece of furniture or whatever. Just make sure it doesn't say anything 'bad' then. :)...

Teri said... Donna... you've scared my hubby! ROTFLOL All those ideas! I've pretty much decided to use it in the shed (when I get it cleaned out. Any 'gitter done' challenges coming soon?) I've got a couple ideas I'm mulling over for it.

Olive Cooper said... Hi Teri, nice to meet you. Love this sign. In fact we have one, it was featured a few posts down on 9/3 on my hubs old shed. Thanks for visiting me. hugs♥olive

Teri said... Hi Olive! Can't wait to show Himself that I am NOT the only person who is not a trucker with this sign! LOL


Before and After: The Garage - I Gotter Done!

Karen said... Good work! That looks great! Now, come help me do mine! :P

Teri said... HA! Actually when I go back to my folks in cooler weather, I'm going to organize Dad's garage. It's not nearly as bad as mine was.


Before and After: Breakfast Tray to Laptop Desk

Kristy@MyPretties said... How resourceful! I love the transformation!

I'm following you now! Visit me @ if you'd like.

Teri said... Hi Kristy! Love your blog and you've got a new follower. There are ideas I can definitely use.


Photo Challenge: Reflecting on Reflection

oldgreymare said... All three are very cool! Aren't you just the overachiever? (hehe)

The first one is technically very cool.
The second is so sweet.
The third very interesting and you are very observant also....

Golly what are you going to do with "close"?

Teri said... I am really enjoying the photo challenges on Razmataz! As I gather photos for each challenge ideas come to me. I'm already working on "Close". :-)

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