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Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Word of Warning

Every so often we are reminded that the world is not a safe place. That there are sick people out there who desire to hurt.

There is someone whose blog I’ve been following for quite a while that has had this reality driven home. This blogger has 2 young (tween age) daughters; one who is a talented performer. There have been posts written about what she is up to. And has attracted the attention of an online pervert who has started leaving horrible graphic messages of what he would like to do to this young girl.

The blogger has contacted all the authorities and I pray this evil person is caught before anything happens.

But the fact that this blogger has always used their full name and the names of their children and where they live, makes one wonder if the stalker already knew of the family or found them thru the blog posts.

And that unknowing has caused me to make changes to how I will do my blogs from now on. One of those changes is I’ve removed the names of my niece and nephew. From now one she will be “Little Bird” and he will be “Little Hoss”.

And I will much more careful of what I write in the future.


  1. Wandered in from Bush Babe's blog. How terrifying for your blogging friend!! I hope they are able to catch the pervert who is stalking them.

  2. I know of the blogger you speak about and am equally appalled that such evil exists. I pray for their safety as well as everyone's safety out here on the web. Yes, caution is advised.

  3. It's a very sick world indeed. I pray they find the pervert... and stat.

  4. Thank you for the warning. I think I will follow your example.

    I hope your friend gets this matter solved satisfactorily.

  5. It's so easy to let your guard down until you hear of things like this. Very scary. ~Lili


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