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Friday, March 16, 2012

Before I 'Pinned'

Back in the “old days” before Pinterest, we all just copied pictures of ideas we like to our computer’s photo library.  Bad thing about that (as all ‘pinners’ know) is that you could never get back to where you found it for more info or to give credit.

I was recently looking at my file of “ideas” and wishing there had been Pinterest back way back then (some of my idea clips got back to 2007!).

I want to share some of these fabulous ideas.  They are NOT my ideas – I take no credit for them!  In fact, if you see something that is yours please send me a link and I will give you full credit for your brilliant design in a later post.

1.  Love this idea for a window box.  Changing the look is as easy as changing the pots, plus you can put other decorative items on the shelf to make it more uniquely yours.

2.  Great use of all those cute little pieces of driftwood you pick up as you walk along.

3.  Gathering all the stripey stones on a bowl really sets them off.

4.  Lovely to the eye.  I like how it is large in the center and decreases as the spiral goes out.

5.  Brings together all those random doilies into a beautiful runner.  Good idea if you have an abundance of doilies.

6.  Good idea to upcycle an afghan that is past its prime.  Could use a knit scarf too – just double it.

7.  One of the first altered bottles I had seen.  I still like it!

8.  Perfect for the end of my ‘under the deck’ patio too!  All sorts of great ideas here. 

9.  Love it. 

10.  This idea caught my eye since I have too many boring lampshades and a lot of ‘cane’ growing near my house. 

11.  Great idea for a unique cooler.  I’ll be trying this one since I now have a source for the barrel.

12.  Something to do with the sleeves of the sweaters I am felting.

13.  The answer to my boring deck!  Give it a pop of color that compliments my living room.

14.  A way to use my ‘drift boards’. 

15.  A fun way to keep feathers I find on our hikes.

16.  Good idea to highlight an antique bottle.  I’ll be doing this with my newly found purple bottle.  I think it will look great against a grayed driftboard piece.

17.  I kept this one because I love the long bench going down the building.  Perfect for along my shed!

18.  I kept this one as an ‘idea jump’.  I have a large cubby/shadow box that could be repurposed to something like this.

19.  My yard is full of 4-leaf clovers.  What a fun ‘idea jump’ to use some of them.

20.  Brilliant!  The textures of the old bedspreads are absolutely perfect for these pillows.

21.  Darling little driftwood boats.  I’m going to make one of these.

Aren’t these all great ideas?  As I said before, if any of them are yours… please let me know.  I definitely want to give you credit for them!


  1. You had me at "pinned."

    I'm a Pinterest gal, too! LOVE IT!!!!!! And some of your pics here may be finding their way onto my boards. Fabulous all, but I think my favorite is the chenille pillows - perfect! I can't believe I hated those bedspreads when I was growing up.

    Oh, by the way, your doilie runner comes from:

    This I know because I saw it on Pinterest!

  2. I love those bedspread shells. Haven't seen that one. Now you must take pictures of your creations when you do them!

  3. So many beautiful ideas! Love the doily runner and altered bottle and so many other lovely things. I haven't checked out pinterest yet -- will have to do so.

  4. I enjoyed the walkabout as I still have hand made doilies I bouth at a Bazar .

    All those things my parents had and as a kid. It wa to be I could careless. Now I live in the country. I have become a craft person . So I just adore your things.


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