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Monday, October 1, 2012

Autumn Plans

September was a really busy month as far as ‘doing things’ and it is going to slide over to mid-October.  I have a lot of things “in progress” but not ready to blog about… like our bathroom remodel, some organizing projects, etc.  Those will be coming up soon.  I plan on some heavy-duty use of that new workbench!
And I’m starting my hobby room remodel… so soon there will be that to show too.  I’m going to have specific areas for each hobby, so it will be fun to show how I’ve set each up.  I already know the first area that will be done is my “office” area, followed by the scrapbooking/mixed media storage.
I’ve worked out how to deal with my multiple creative challenge posts.  For this blog I will have just one post on Friday to show what I have done over the last week.  And I’ve created a new blog - A Creative Walkabout - just to post all my creative things for the challenge link-ups! 
If you are interested, it is at: 
Since Himself is just recently home, I haven’t made a lot of new recipes to share.  After being gone so long, he wants the ‘old favorites’.  But I’m getting the itch to start trying new things and have a lot of recipes lined up.  It won’t be much longer til we have some NEW favorites.
For the fans of Little Bird and Little Hoss, we will still be going up monthly and of course there will be a post or two on them.  Little Bird has just started preschool (!!!).  Where is the time going?
So hang in with me as I get geared up for autumn!

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