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Friday, March 7, 2014

Seventh Day...Seventh Year

Happy Blog-a-versary to me! 

Seven years… wow!  When I started Teri-Gone Walkabout I really didn’t think I would last.  I am really bad at keeping a journal.  My first year only had 13 posts… the next 39, then 64.  In ’10 I found my ‘voice’ and really started to enjoy writing.

What amazes me to this day is having followers!  By a rough reckoning, I think there are around 100 readers of Gone Walkabout.  There are 54 through Google Friends Connect and right at 25 (that I know of) who have bookmarked my page on their computer.  The rest follow through some other service apparently.  I’ve enjoyed getting to know people thru this blog.

I’ve been asked why the blog is called ‘walkabout 2’.   This blog is actually a second run at it.  There was some sort of glitch with the first edition and Blogger was no help.  So I made a new blog and copied over my data.

I moderate comments because I get a lot of spammers.  The number rises and falls according to how many link-ups I participate in.  There has been a few trolls too (they are so pathetic).  I love hitting ‘delete’ on their comments. 

Any reviews I post are never paid endorsements.  They are always a place or product that I have come across that impressed me so much I want to share them. 

That’s basically Teri-Gone Walkabout in a nutshell.  Thanks for becoming a part of my life through this blog!

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