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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

A Start

A few days ago Himself and I were in our church's 1st annual "Jesus Fed The 5K" run/walk.   Though it sounds kind of funny, the weather was perfect for a runny...cloudy and cool.  No problems with anyone overheating!

It was to benefit the local feeding ministry 'Manna Cafe'.  The profits all went to Manna plus there was a collection of goods for the shelter and food distribution program.

Himself chatting with friends while we waited for the start time.

The 5K-ers lined up to start.  Nice to start the race with a prayer.

Waiting...waiting...waiting... they look down the starting lane!

And in 17 minutes and 23 seconds the winner was back... for the 2nd time.

To warm up, he ran the entire course before the race started.  Then after he finished, he ran it one more time -- and still got back before most other people!

Obviously he is used to longer races.

A half hour after the 5K started, the one milers took off.  The kids wanted to go first, so they did.  Then the adults went after them.  

This year I did the 1 mile.  Next year I'll do the 5K!

EDIT:  Just heard over $1000 was raised for Manna Cafe ministries!

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  1. Congratultions on your 1 Miler, Teri! Sounds like fun and a worthy cause!


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