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Who Is Teri?

I grew up in eastern MO. While in high school my dad was the assistant principal...which made life interesting because my mantra was "What use is a good GPA if you don't cut classes every so often?"  It wasn't pretty when he caught me cutting!  LOL 

After high school I went to a local junior college to pick up core classes for less $$$. It was there I took my first emergency medical class and discovered I really enjoyed trauma medicine. I worked up to EMT-I and ended up teaching EMT classes to soldiers at Ft. Campbell, KY. 

And how did I get to Ft. Campbell? In 1980 a friend married and I was in her wedding. I met the groom's little brother who was the best man. 14 months later I was married to that good looking Green Beret. We lived in North Carolina for 4 1/2 years, until 5th Special Forces moved to Ft. Campbell in July 1986.

This Sept I celebrated my 34th anniversary to that now retired Green Beret. Himself and I married for better or for worse, and it's been both. But we're still together and I'm still crazy about him (even if he does make me crazy sometimes! LOL). It didn't work out for us to have kids.

But I love being an auntie!  That's Little Bird and her little brother Little Hoss. 

(Updated photo... they have changed a bit, haven't they?)

We sponsor 3 children thru Compassion International . It's a wonderful faith based program, that gets very high ratings for their programs. We sponsor a Masai boy in Kenya (who we visited in 2006), a Masai girl in Kenya, and a girl in Tanzania. 

And finally our elephant child Zurura, who we sponsor thru the Sheldrick Wildlife Sanctuary  .

My life has been quite "eclectic". I've taught EMT on Ft. Campbell and adult ed classes at Hopkinsville Community College. I was in charge of a program on Ft. C that taught ESL and worked with soldiers as they prepared for their INS naturalization exams. I was president of a non-profit that partnered with the State Dept in sending humanitarian aid to Russia after the collapse of the USSR. I was working on a teaching degree until I spent time in public school classrooms. Decided that wouldn't be such good idea after all... Now I am a photographer. 

I also do a LOT of philanthropic work. I work with some mission programs in my town. I'm a supporter of Samaritan's Purse, Operation Christmas Child, Mercy Ships, Kiva, Mission Aviation Fellowship, and Operation Migration - to name just a few.

Himself retired in '99 (after 22 years in SF) and we started to travel. I've been to 17 countries and 38 states.

Oh... since Himself retired he has worked as a medical officer on a fish processor ship up in the Bering Sea (yes, he has met the bad boys of The Deadliest Catch). He works 2 seasons of 3 months each.  A few years ago I was able to join him at the end of the winter cod season and do some photography.  It was a fantastic trip.

I believe in living life in the NOW mode... No Opportunity Wasted! All the way back to those HS days when I cut class to "join the circus" for a few days (got to work with the elephants), I go at it full throttle. I've swam with dolphins in Key Largo, flew on the old "Aeroflot -- and survived!, been hot air ballooning in Kenya, love to ride hunter/jumpers even tho I had a horse fall on me, have taken culinary classes, been snorkeling in Aruba, have learned various heritage handicrafts, taken a glass blowing class, gone on major road trips... the list is long. Most recently we did a 30 day trip to Scotland to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary. 

The summer of '08 we bought a house on the Cumberland River. It hadn’t been updated in the 20 years since it was built and needs remodeling and landscaping. So a lot of my focus now is on making this house into our home.