Saturday, December 2, 2023

Stash vs Hoard

 In minimalism, stash vs hoard is hotly debated.  To hard core minimalist any sort of ‘extra’ is an abomination.  Yeah, whatever.  Methinks someone people need to minimalize their rules for other people…

 In my opinion, a hoard is having excess of what you need and/or keeping everything because you can’t bring yourself to discard.  Hoarding affects everyday life.

 A stash is a collection made to have materials on hand for a future project.  Mind you, a stash CAN become a hoard if you’re not careful.

 A few of my creative stashes crossed the line into a hoard.  Not good.  Those have been the hardest to deal with.  What I did to deal with it was to allow myself ONE reasonable size storage container (ie I can easily lift it when full) for holding the stash.  Then I did a KonMari.

 It worked…

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