Saturday, February 18, 2017

Salt Preserving for the Food In Jars Challenge

January was marmalade month in the "Food In Jars Mastery Challenge" and I've told you all about the yummy marms that we made.  

Now February, the challenge was 'salt preservation'.    I really didn't think there would be all that much that interested me.  Wrong!  I tried 4 totally different projects and had fun with each one.

First was salt preserved citrus.  Most common are lemons, which are used a lot in North African cooking (think tagine recipes).

Salt Preserved Lemons

Salt Preserved Oranges

Salt Preserved Lemons and Oranges

Then there are seasoning salts...

Cilantro-Lemon Seasoning salt.

Lemon Salt

Third was a weird one...

Salt cured egg yolks.

The photo right above is the yolks after a week of being buried in salt.  Now they are in a muslin bag curing for another 10-ish days in the fridge.  When they get done and we try them, I'll devote a whole blog to them.  So far the people in the challenge are giving rave reviews, so I am very hopeful.

And finally the one that has my German hubby excited...

... small batch sauerkraut! 

This particular batch is cabbage and carrot with black pepper and bay leaf.  This is another one that takes time to finish up, so I'll blog on it later too.

This was such an interesting challenge!  I've found several other recipes I want to try but I have other things I need to get done around here!  But I will be doing more salt preservation in the very near future.

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