Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Fun of Local Attractions

While visiting Himself’s cousin (That Guy) in Winona, MN we were treated to dinner out at a local tavern/pub/biker bar... Bucknuckles Bar and Grill.  That Guy knows how much I like ‘funky junk’ and this place awesome!

It starts as you enter... with an old steering wheel being your door handle.  Lady S leads us in...

And get a look at the ‘door stop’!

The other side of the door is even bear-ter!  That handle is motorcycle handlebars.

Once you go thru the door... your eyes will never stop moving from one thing to another to another to another...

One section is cooled in the summer by this giant wind vane.  That Guy says it does a great job.

The wind vane fan from another angle.  The galvanized tub holds a fluorescent light fixture.  The mounted white deer was a local legend.  (That not the real deer but is a replica mount).

It’s illegal to hunt white deer in Wisconsin so he lived a long and happy life (That Guy said he saw white deer on a recent trip to that area.)    

I’ve never seen so many cast iron tractor seats in my life!  They want to line the entire ceiling with them.

Details of one of the bars.

A closer look...

The bar from another angle.

A pitchfork load of wine glasses. 

A motorcycle out of motorcycle chains.

A horse bit for another door handle.

Love it!!!

Here is our table for the evening.  An old saw mill blade and a big coal oil heater. 

It is quite large, as you can see.

The bar is covered all the way around in pennies. 

Don’t you love this mini bar made of old wrenches and ‘stuff’. 

The men’s room door. 

Outside is fun too.  Himself likes this chainsaw carving.

The benches had great arm rests. 

More chain art... this time a gecko with his dinner.

And some metal flowers that will never wilt.

Then on the way back to their house, we stopped by another local landmark museum in Fountain City, WI...

The Rock In House “museum” (very loosely said...).

Yow!!!  Yes, you can go inside.  The house is just as it was when the rock came down in ’95... with a bit of decay from almost 20 years of being open to the elements.

One of the display boards in the house.  If you look under the rock that is circled, you can see the dirt scar where the rocks tumbled.  There were several rocks come down but only one made it all the way to the houses along the road.

All things considered, it is amazing the house is as intact as it is! 

Home spun notes telling ‘how it happened’.

Ya gotta love this small town sites.

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