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Sunday, August 19, 2018

KonMari Complete Shed

It's taken me a long time to go from this...

... to this.

It was using the KonMari method that turned the tide for me.  It was so valuable to see exactly WHAT I had and how MUCH I had of it.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Review: Wilshire's of Georgetown

Our 'nice' dinner for the overnight trip to Georgetown, KY was at "Wilshire's".  Before leaving I checked them out on a couple of sites.  Arriving, I was full of hopeful trepidation.  The reviews are so hit or miss I was worried especially since we were a group of 28.

The old building is lovely...

...the trash around it is not.  This mess is next to the entrance.

Beware that the walkway around to the back of the building where you enter is also the roadway for golf carts.  We were nearly clipped by some jokers.

Throughout our visit there was only one other table of 5 dining, so they definitely were not busy.  We were seated in an addition to the house, basically a sports bar area.  Zero atmosphere tho ‘historical’ is what they push in their ads.

First, we were told because we were a group, we could have a limited menu.  Four entrees were offered... a steak, catfish, fried chicken, or a salad on an unpriced computer printed menu.  That was all we could choose from... couldn’t even order a burger!

Hubby ordered a cup of coffee.  Twice he was offered a refill, which he took.  Come check time he had been charged for EVERY cup he drank...$6.57 for coffee.  The server did not inform us that the refills she offered were charged each cup.  What a rip off.

Someone's fried chicken that was set down in front of me.

Both Himself and I ordered the catfish:  mine fried and his grilled.  

Catfish came with broccoli which I don’t like, so I asked for green beans instead (served with both  the steak and fried chicken).  The waitress actually gasped, saying the chef wouldn’t like that and probably wouldn’t make the change.  Excuse me??  

She said if I didn’t like broccoli I should order something else.  I insisted for the substitution.  No rolls or crackers were offered with the meal.

Forty minutes later our food was served.  My fried catfish was hot as was Himself’s grilled fish.  Both styles of fish were tasty.  He enjoyed his broccoli which was nearly raw.  My green beans (yes, I got them) were straight out of a can; not rinsed and no seasoning at all.  They were served in a third cup size ramekin.  The rice pilaf was overcooked and tasteless; the serving was smaller than the beans.

Towards the end of the meal, the owner offered 2 options for dessert~ cheesecake or cherry pie.  The cheesecake had no topping and the pie was soggy crusted and very little fruit. 

Only when we finally got the check (a long process) did we know what we were charged.  The catfish was $14.00 each and the pies were $6.00.  Ice tea was $2.69 and then there was that $6.57 for coffee.


Tuesday, August 14, 2018

A Feast of Plenty

With all that has been going on, we have not made it out to the produce auction much this summer.  Time for us to get busy putting up produce to last us until next summer, plus load up on some fresh goodness to munch on.

I've never seen a horse decked out so pretty.  Did you notice the little heart on his chest brace?  When he left he was driven by two ladies... imagine that!

Below is eye candy.  It's a bit of this and that up for auction that day.

(Asian pears)

(Heirloom cherry tomatoes)

This is where I do most of my buying... the small lot tables.  From our latest trip we brought home a half bushel of bell peppers (26) for $5 - bell peppers at the local big box were right about $1 each, a half bushel of green beans (about 20 pounds) for $11 - Big Box is selling at $1.18 a pound, and a half bushel of slicing cucumbers (about 20) for $5 - Big Box price .58c each.

Corn was selling a bit dear that morning so we stopped at a farm stand on the way home and picked up 12 ears for the same price as Big Box.  Except these had been growing yesterday...

Himself isn't into the auction buying part.  He'd rather read or talk to someone.

However sometimes he has to step in when 2 things I want are close together (the way the auction is done is a bit chaotic - there is an auctioneer on either side of the row/aisle going at the SAME TIME.  So if you want something on both sides you have to have someone to help you bid.  And I always need help at the tables.).  

He also comes over when I've won a bid and totes it back to our seat area.

Monday, August 13, 2018

Kusamono... aka 'Grass Thing'

A companion art form to Bonsai are kusamono plantings.  Basically it is artistically arranged plants in a way that mimics nature in a season.

Bonsai I do not have ready, but I can do kusamono!  Our bonsai show had an exhibit of kusamono and suiseki (more on that one later) so I was able to work up a few to put in the show.

In my studio working on one of my plantings.

We went out to my favorite moss gathering area to get some sheets to work with.  Here I am trimming a moss sheet to fit this planting of Summer Savory.  Don't you love that stem?

Using a chop stick to firm the moss into the pot.

Below are the four plants I entered in the exhibit.

Summer Savory (a culinary herb).

A tiny elm seedling.

A little fern I found growing in the moss.

Not sure what the plant is but I love its 'Dr Suess-y' look.

This is part of the kusamono display at the bonsai show... notice my savory at the top right.

Closer of someone's cool fern.

A 'kokedama' (moss ball).  When it cools off a bit I'm going to try making a few of these.

A fun kusamono display!  The exhibitor is also a potter.  He made the cute egg pot sitting in the nest.  The plant is a baby elm tree.

I'm starting to collect/gather interesting nature 'pots' (such as hollow stones and drift wood) for my kusamono.  I'm excited about what I can do with this!

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Friday, August 10, 2018

Bonsai Show 2018

Time for the annual Nashville Bonsai Society show.  I still don't have a tree ready for competition but Himself and I worked the show.

There were some wonderful displays this year.  

This is a Hinoki Sekka and a Sawawa Cypress.
(I'm just copying what is written on their ID cards)

A mimosa tree.  This one got the "Viewers Choice" award.

A barberry.

A 5 year old Japanese maple in root-over-rock style.

A cork bark Chinese elm.  It's 5 years old and got "Best Display".

An Amethyst Fall Wisteria.
(Personal opinion here... but I'm not a fan of displaying a vine as bonsai.  After all, bonsai means TREE in pot.)

Golden Gate Ficus

A Pen Jing display.  This is a Chinese form of bonsai.

Chinese Elm, about 12 years old.  Notice the accent plant to the left!

Procumbens Nana Juniper

Bald Cypress

The show judge was Arthur Joura, curator of the NC Arboretum in Asheville.

There was also a 'bring your own tree' workshop.

It was led by our own John Wall.

One of my jobs was to take photos of bonsai displays.  Himself was a 'tree guard'.  You'd be shocked at how many adults can't keep their hands to themselves, plus trees have been known to disappear!

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Got Beef?

Our lunch stop was here to eat at Hayden's Stockyard Eatery.

We opted out of the meal as yet again we were thrown "a limited menu".  The choices were Pineapple Chicken Salad served in a half pineapple (pineapple and mayo together?  Pass...), Shrimp & Grits (reviews said to pass this one by so I did and Himself won't touch grits) and then finally a Bourbon and Caramelized Onion Burger (I can't do onions and the tour leader would not ask them to do a plain burger!  Seriously!!).

I had brought plenty of healthy munchies with us and that was quite satisfying.  Instead, we looked around.

It really is a stockyard but there were no sales at the time.

The sale ring.

"Ol' Bossy"... cobbled together from 2x4 odds and ends.

We looked around the Farrier shop and had an interesting talk with the manager.

Lovely meat market, I wished I had brought a cooler!

But there were other things to be had... like that Cheddar Summer Sausage.  Yummy!

And some jerky came came home with us too.

There was a small museum to enjoy.

And a fantastic learning center.  School tours come out for programs.

This area was for hand-outs and samples.

And for the small area, it was full of educational displays.

Nope... we didn't miss missing lunch at all!