Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Great Glasses, Fantastic Prices

Last March (2019) it came to the point that both Himself and I had to get new glasses.  The thought of having to shell out several hundred dollars was not pleasant. 

Then I heard of a place online that was supposed to have really good prices.  Doesn't hurt to look so I checked out Zenni Optical .  The prices were not good; they were amazing.

So I decided to try them out.

This photo was taken almost 9 months after we received them.  We are both completely happy with the purchase.  I had also ordered a second pair with plastic frames for 'computer distance'.  They have stood up to being abused (and Himself can abuse poor ol' glasses).  In fact, we ordered a second set to keep in the car for when we forget to switch glasses from computer to driving.

How much did they cost?

WITH lens and a hard case... Himself's cost $12.95.  Then he had added a special coating because night driving bothers him.  Grand total - $21.90.

Mine cost $6.95 plus a lesser coating for a total of $11.90!

My plastic frame computer glasses (above) cost $6.95 also.


Here's what you need to know...

Get a new prescription.  And (very important to save you from irritation) have the eye doc to note on your 'script your pupillary distance (that is where your pupil lines up with the center of the glasses).  There is a way to figure it on your own~ but you really don't want to do that...

Then get a passport style photo of yourself with your glasses off.  They have a thing where you can upload your picture and 'try on' different glasses.  Makes a huge difference!

From there pick your new glasses and fill out the form.  They arrived in 2 to 3 weeks.

This would be so great for families with young children ... who are usually brutal to glasses.  One could afford to buy several pairs!

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Stella - Our New Sponsor Child

In May our last Compassion sponsor child (young man) aged out of the program at 21.  For various reasons - which I'm not going into - we decided not to sponsor another child thru them.

Now fast forward to last Thursday.  We stopped by a 'meet-and-greet' for Project Yesu so I could drop off a few things for one of their fund raisers.

In their own words:  "Founded in 2011, by then 11 year old Mallory Fundora, Project Yesu was formed out of a simple wish to help orphaned and vulnerable children in Uganda.  Project Yesu provides some of the critical needs necessary to break the cycle of poverty – food and education. By connecting others worldwide with the passion we have for the children of Uganda – lives are being changed and hope is being sparked."   

At a point Mallory and I attended the same church where I was on the mission team.  I left to attend a different (closer) church shortly after she made her first trip to Uganda.  I loosely followed her work in the years since... hence my dropping off the goods donation.

So here we are listening to her speak about the trip she made to the Project Yesu site AND listening to David, a young Ugandan man, tell how the project turned his life around.

Long story made short... we left with a new sponsor 'child'/young lady!

Meet Stella.  She will be 15 in October.

Our first letter will go out to her next week!  I'm so excited to hear back from her.

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Christmas Every Day

Deane's treatments finished right before Thanksgiving and we decided to make this December a special month for us.  So we did something every day in the spirit of True Christmas... meaning the birth of Jesus... NOT the coming of Santa.

Here's what our December days looked like:

First, we had 4 events in November just because that is how it works out...

As always we did Operation Christmas Child with boxes packed honor our niece and nephew.

I took a watercolor painting class where we made a gift bag with a poinsettia on it.  

We again went to the poinsettia open house and tour.

And the first thing on the Friday after Thanksgiving we headed up the road to get our Christmas tree.  "First thing" because they are usually sold out by the afternoon!

And now December!

1 Dec: We started the season by watching "It's A Wonderful Life".

2 Dec: Played all our favorite carols.

3 Dec: Egg nog and Golden Amish Fruitcake.  Yum!

4 Dec: The wreath went up on the front door.

5 Dec: Noel Night at the museum.  Enjoyed a concert by a local Celtic band "Red River Breeze".

6 Dec: The Christmas story.

7 Dec: Attended a small town (Ashland City) Christmas celebration.  First... the lighting of the city tree.

Second... gifts for their Christmas toy drive.

And the day ended with the parade!

8 Dec: German Christmas service.

9 Dec: Our first Christmas card received.

10 Dec: We finished our Christmas cards!

11 Dec: Gingersnap cookies and homemade hot cocoa.

12 Dec: At the Governor's mansion Christmas Open House.  There was also a charity collection and we gave to a Christian group who keeps children until they are placed into foster care.

13 Dec:  A ride through living nativity.

Then on to a performance of selections from Handel's 'Messiah'.

14 Dec: We went to the ceremony for the Wreaths Across America"

15 Dec: A church cantata.

16 Dec: Watched "A Christmas Carol".  This is our favorite version.

17 Dec. Had a Turkish lunch with a dear friend.

18 Dec: Another living nativity with refreshments afterward.

19 Dec: Baking!

20 Dec: Another lunch with a friend.

21 Dec: Watched "A Charlie Brown Christmas".

22 Dec:  Enjoyed hot apple cider and cinnamon rolls.

23 Dec:  Went for a drive to look at Christmas lights.

24 Dec: Watched "The Nativity Story".

25 Dec: Christmas dinner.  Beef Stroganoff and fresh broccoli.

26 Dec: Himself baked "butter ball" cookies from his Mom's recipe.

27 Dec:  Our 2019 ornament.

28 Dec:  Enjoyed the Christmas cards we received.

29 Dec: Watched a new-to-us movie "The Christmas Candle".

30 Dec: Didn't decorate much and what we did took forever to get done due to "technical difficulties".  We are both happy with how it looked.

31 Dec:  Ended our year together and ready for the New Year.

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Time to Focus and See Clearly

The year kind of sets its own theme, doesn't it?

Focus...  See clearly...  Clear vision.

The last few years have shown me what is important in life.  As I get older I have to take things slower because I recover slower.  Things take longer to do.  

And I have learned that not everything is as it seems.  

So with that I have started to cut back... focusing on what is most important to me.  

It feels good.

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