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Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Taking a moment to brag!

I'm taking part in the year long challenge held by Marisa at "Food in Jars" (you'll be hearing more on this a bit later) and I just have to show off my first ever marmalade!

On the right is Cara Cara Orange Marmalade and on the left is Orange Vanilla Marmalade.

Monday, January 16, 2017

You Know You Live In The South When...

... Snowmen have rakes instead of snow shovels!

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Happy Birthday Persia

Our little fur-face is two years old today.  

So what can you do for a kitty's birthday?

We made sure her kibble bowl was FULL.  She likes that.

And we turned on the "Bird TV".  (We feed birds on the deck and she watches them from under the chair).  She gets so excited she 'chitters' and lashes her tail.

The birds care not.

Then we realized what else we could do for her...

Since we got her, she has spent her nights in her 'bedroom'... a large cage that looks just like the one above.  While she is not put in the cage when we leave the house (she has proven herself trust worthy), we don't let her run at night.  We are concerned that if she gets in bed with us and tickles one of our faces with her whiskers that we might be startled and smack her without meaning to.

So she 'goes to bed' at night...usually complaining all the way.

We decided that it was time for her to have a 'big kitty room'.  And so we thoroughly cleaned out the laundry room to make it safe for her.  We installed her bed, cat pan, water bowl and food bowl.  There's a night light so she can see a bit with the main light off.

She seems quite happy with the set up...

...even tho she still complains about going to bed!