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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Summer Vacation

I'm going to drop of the face of the earth for a bit... just until sometime in August.  Summer has started out busy and isn't going to let up for a while.  And I refuse to get stressed out again this year!

I turn 55 in July and have decided to make it MY month.  I'll be (finally!) finishing my studio and doing a lot of creative projects.  All sorts of things that I am wanting to do... and of course blog about when I get back.

Enjoy your summer!

Friday, June 16, 2017

Dogwood Flowers Bird House

At a painting social in April, I decided to do a bird house.  The dogwood were blooming so beautifully they inspired me to use them on my bird house.  I free hand drew the flowers.  I'm really pleased with how it turned out!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Portraits of Produce

Tomorrow is "National Fresh Vegetable Day".  The veggies at the produce auction are so pretty that I just can't resist taking a few 'glamour' shots!


Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Whole30... DONE! Stick a Fork In It!

We did it!  

We did it right.  

And now we are into the 'reintroduction' phase.  There where issues that cleared up during the program so I'm a bit apprehensive as to which food group caused them.  Dairy has been added back with no issues so far.  Thursday will be 'grains'.

It was an interesting journey.  I thought I would miss milk a lot more than I did... it was my hot tea I missed most.  Himself is excited for Thursday and his first bowl of cereal in a month.

My results haven't be the miraculous ones so often reported but they were definitely there.  The Whole30 web site has a 2 page check list of possible "Non-scale victories" (benefits) that could come with doing the program.  These are the ones I noticed:

Clearer skin
Less under-eye circles
Less stiff joints
Less heartburn
Less chronic pain (non-specific aches)
No longer slave to sugar/carbs
Fewer cravings

But there was no super energy or a whole new mental focus.

I learned a lot too, like:

Darn near everything has added sugar!  
(I am now a label reader).
That I can do without being a milk-a-holic.
That fruit IS still sweet.
That it is almost impossible to have a healthy meal at a restaurant.
It would be impossible for us to maintain during travels.
It reset my portion control ability.

And there was definitely a 'scale' victory!  I lost 7.5 pound in the 30 days (which brought me to a mile stone) and Himself lost 12.5 pounds.  

It has been a very worthwhile endeavor.  However, it will not become a lifestyle for us.  It's far too restrictive for our lifestyle and tastes.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Creative: Making a Fence

Getting back into my creative challenges.  I've missed doing them.

At Three Muses the challenge this week was "fences".  I did this background page for a mixed media project I'll be starting soon.  It is done with chalks using stencils for the patterns.

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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Between Visits Flower Making

Our first set of company has headed on down the road Friday after a 5 day visit.  There was so much catching up to do!  Now we have just gotten the guest room 're-set' for our next visitors who are coming in tomorrow (Sunday).

We are also putting up a LOT of green beans and peaches...

Yesterday while chilling out, I felt like doing some creative things.  So I started making a "junk journal" which you will see later when I finish it.  And I used new-to-me flower punches I got from my traveling friend to make some dimensional flowers.

So easy!

The bottom are the single paper punches.  The top are the finished flowers (no kidding, right?).  The outside flowers are made of heavy scrapbook paper.  The middle one is from pages from an old book.

To make...

Punch out 7 flower shapes.  Wet them a wee bit...not too much or they fall apart.  Stack them on top of each other then use an awl to put a hole thru the middle.

In the hole, put a brad.

Then take the first layer, and scrunch it up around the brad head.  Really squish it.  Then do the next and the next...

Once they are all squished up, start unsquishing them from the bottom.  I used the awl to tease them apart.  Then shape them up to look pleasing to you.

Let dry.  I put them on my window sill.  They dry quite firm.

That is all it takes!

Monday, June 5, 2017

23 Fantastic Words To Begin Using

I love words.  So often English isn't broad enough for what I want to say.  Here are some words that need to be incorporated into the English language:

Doesn't that word sound as soft as a drizzling rain?

Love that feeling!

I feel that way about so many of my travel experiences.

And it is wonderful!

Colonsay, Scotland... a home that never was.

Oh I need a bit of this in my life!  Where are you?



Double uh-huh.

Hmmm... wonder if there is a word for drinking tea with something sweet?

The world needs more of these.

Every. Single. Time. the alarm goes off.

Every family has one!

Isn't that a fun time?

We never realize, do we?

Love it!

Through a child's eyes.

Not often practiced.

Pure loveliness.

Best efforts are freeing.


A sad feeling.