Monday, May 25, 2020

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Full of "Toro"

We have acquired a used Toro push mower to keep up the areas closest to the house.  I knew we needed to have some oil, as those little engines get so hot.  But I wasn't sure what to get.

So I checked at their web site and it said to use "detergent SAE 10W30".  That's it.  I assumed that meant car oil but I wasn't sure.  So I followed the web site link for info.  

It was a Facebook page.  So I messaged my question from there.  Got a immediate robo reply that they don't answer questions there (!!!) and gave an email address to send to.


On 30 April I emailed this:  
"I was given a Toro model 16775 push mower.  On your spec page it says the oil to use is “detergent SAE 10W30.  Is this the same stuff as goes in the car?"  

On 5 May I recieved this reply:  "Thank you for contacting The Toro Company.  Your machine uses a high detergent SAE 10W-30 Motor Oil, which helps resists rust, oxidation, wear, corrosion and will also fight against the creation of sludge and deposits. If you search for "Detergent SAE 10W30 oil" online, you will find various brands who make this oil. 

Hope this helps! 

Regards,  Toro Consumer Service" 

Seriously??  I contact their customer service.  They repeat what I told them... then tell me to go find my answer in a random internet search.  Then give me a chirpy little "hope this helps".  Hope WHAT helps?  

My reply was "No, this didn’t help.  You repeated what I said and said to look online.  Very lame.  BTW, the question was “Is this the same oil as used in a car?”

Methinks perhaps with 'customer service' like this, when I do purchase new lawn equipment it will NOT be Toro. 

Just saying.

Monday, April 20, 2020

Glass vs Metal Ovenware

Since we're all cooking way more than normal, here's a piece you might find useful.  What type ovenware (cake pans) is better for different methods?  

This came to me via an Extension Homemaker newsletter.

Monday, April 13, 2020

Humor For These Days...

This quilt had me rolling in laughter.

Now we know what she is smiling about!

Reason for the scream?  He has 10 daughters in his home.

It wasn't The Ring that drove Gollum mad...

Art on the most expensive paper known to man.

Friday, April 10, 2020

Sunday, April 5, 2020

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

2020 Nashville Lawn & Garden Show

It is that time of year... SPRING is coming ~ tomorrow!!  So that means it was also time for the Lawn & Garden show at the beginning of the month.

The Nashville Fairgrounds have made some big changes since last year.  There are 3 big new expo buildings in a different location.  They are very nice... open and airy.  

If you recall, the last few years Himself and I have been working a shift at the bonsai club's display booth.  This year I was co-chair of the event and we sat the booth display for 2 full days.  Uff-da!  It was made easier in that we had a steady stream of club volunteers - 2 or 3 every couple of hours.

Mmmmm... can you imagine relaxing in your back yard next to this?  

A lovely little forest built right inside the building.

This year's display from my favorite group.  They always do something with recycling and easy landscapes.

A pretty display mini garden.

Need to move a whole tree?  This is how to do it!

I love this succulent display!  Everything looks so neat and tidy in matching terra cotta pots.  I think I'll copy this idea!

Great vendors this year.  The bird houses here were so fun.

There were tons of plants to choose from.  This year's 'hot plant' was the Lenten Rose.  I watched a lot of them heading out the door.

All the various plant clubs were back.  Besides our bonsai group there was the orchid club, the iris club, the rose society, the herb group, ... on and on and on.

Took me a while to find them... the floral arrangement display was there too.

And here is what saved the day(s) for me.  A rescue group brought this miniature horse.  "Smarty Jones" and I became best friends for those two days.  Why?  Because I shared my carrot snacks with him!  Whenever I got 'peopled out' I would head over for some equine loving.