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Sunday, February 7, 2016

The Crud, Terabytes, and Flotsam

Hi... I'm back... sort of.

For the last week and a half I've been rockin' case of The Crud.  I'm feeling better but still not myself.  Himself has been a sweetheart and is keeping me in hot tea and treats.

As such, not much has happened around here, so I've had nothing to write about.  Reading, thinking, drawing Zentangles, messing around on my laptop, and napping have been my activities.

In fact, the laptop has been one of my main activities.  I've been having issues for the last few months with very, very, VERY slow morning start-ups.  I'm talking about it taking an hour to run its morning computer yoga and get ready for business.  It would just not 'go'.  A look at my drive space showed I was almost full... just a little bit til it hit the 4G mark.  Uff-da!

So I got out the Terabyte drive and start transferring everything over (needed to do a good backup anyway).  That took hours... I have almost 100,000 photos.  That's just crazy and an issue to be dealt with later.  Once everything was copied over and triple checked that it really truly was on the TB drive, I started slowly deleting off files, photos, and music that I don't regularly use.  I did it in small batches (relatively speaking) and after dumping the trash can I would do a quick defrag and reboot.

Della's (my laptop) hard drive is now around 200 G lighter.  And it looks good on her!  LOL  No more super slow start-ups.

I'm looking forward to getting back to my self again.  There are so many projects lined up to do and share.

Oh, we did have a bit of excitement on Thursday.

Apparently the Corp of Engineers released a bunch of debris (mainly tree and tree pieces-parts) that had been trapped up against the Cheatham Dam.  We noticed the river looked funny and went down to look.  It was full of junk!  So we jumped in the car and drove to a boat ramp a little over 2 miles downstream.

We got there just as the debris field floated in.  By the time it got dark (over a half hour later), it stretched bank to bank and was still coming.  There were quite some bangs as the big stuff hit one of the navigational buoys near the ramp.  I wonder if they will have to be reset?

Now that I'm starting to feel better, I will answer the emails piled up in my box.  Irish!  You're the first one... you did it good, didn't you??

So, that's what I have been up to.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Word 2016: Beautiful

It has been a quiet week; I’ve been knocked down with “The Crud”.  Except for an occasional burst of energy all I have done is to sit around and think.  This time I’ve been thinking about my plans for 2016.  I spent 2015 setting up the foundations on which I will build this year.

You might know that like many others I pick a ‘word for the year’ rather than to make ‘resolutions’.  This year my word is “Beautiful”... as in making a beautiful life.

Here is my 'manifesto' but how does one reach the goal? What is the plan? There has to be change to make a change... right?  I have come to the conclusion TIME is the hinge point.

I don't have TIME because there are too many undone things stealing my time. So this month is going to be my "make time" month - Feb is evening helping out by giving me an extra day of time!

There are a few things in my home that need to be taken care of.  Ironing and mending have definitely gotten ahead of me...    I will be blogging less but it will be more intentional. 

Feb is going to be interesting...  I am looking forward to it.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Seriously? A 'Rose' By Any Other Name Costs Twice As Much

One of the things I'm doing this year is trying even more foods that are new to me.  

So on our last trip to Whole Foods we passed through the produce section where there was a display of small citrus fruits labeled "Satsuma".

With the pretty 'leaves-on' display and higher than average price for a citrus fruit I assumed it was something a bit more exotic than the normal fare.

I bought one to sample.

Peeled, Himself and I tried it.  It had a some what deeper or more musky taste than our normal Clementines.  But it wasn't what I'd call unique.

So I Goggled "satsuma".

It's just a TANGERINE!!

An over-priced tangerine with a fancy name.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Salud! at Whole Foods: Chicken Roulade Stuffed With Fontina, Proscuitto, and Sage

Just back from a new Chef Dan class at Whole Foods.  I have a new favorite chicken recipe!  This is so good and it is easy to make too.  Hardest part is pounding out the chicken super thin so it rolls up nicely.

Dad and Mom... you're going to love this one!

Monday, January 25, 2016

Incredible Norwegian Folk Art and Handicrafts

Coming home from our Minnesota trip we stopped in Decorah, Iowa to visit the Vesterheim (Western Home) Norwegian-American museum.  A friend had recommended we make the stop and Carol was oh-so right.

There was so much to see that we are going to have to stop again some day.

The museum covers just about every aspect of life on the early 'frontier' as lived by the Norwegian immigrants.  The portion that absolutely amazed me were the outstanding folk art pieces.  Talk about making everything beautiful...

Like the embroidery:

Are not those some amazing gloves?


I love that red and black shawl.

I could never gather the patience to do bobbin lace.

I love this little loom and what it does.

Here is the room where I positively swooned.  I adore wool sweaters.

Besides textiles, there were many other wonderful handiwork's.

Years ago I took Rosemal painting classes.  Never got this good...

These chairs are made from a single log.

Even their 'irons' are gorgeous!

Figure carving is a big pastime.  I guess with those long dark winter nights it would be an excellent hobby.

Or course my favorite are the dahl horses.

Evolution of a dahl horse... from blank to finished piece.

There were so many different styles.

Traditional to modern.

These are fun.

Thoroughly modern.

And here's a realistic Dahl horse... a Fjord pony (think of Han's horse Sitron in "Frozen").

I like the life carvings.

This one is Himself's favorite.

Not all the carving were pocket sized!

This painting I would hang in my house!  Beautiful.  I would love to see a big Northern Lights display.

If you are near Decorah, Iowa make sure you carve a few hours out of your schedule for a visit.  It is well worth it.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Improv Cooking: Panettone Bread Pudding

The January challenge at Improv Cooking is "Pastry/Bread Dough and Chocolate".  Crazy month and I never did get to making the recipe I intended.  

So here's a cheat recipe (hey, it has BREAD in it).  It is SO good.