Saturday, March 1, 2008 Alaska!

I am packing my bags and heading to Alaska! Himself has landed me a job working as a pantry chef and also a photographer on his ship. I’ll be flying out next week and spending a few days in Anchorage before flying down to Adak to meet his ship. I’ll being staying a day in Adak also.

Plans are now that I’ll get into Anchorage around 3:30pm, which will give me a bit of time to look around. I’ll spend one day (plus my coming and going days) checking out the city. I want to see things that are Alaskan…if I can see it around here, I’m not interested!! On my list are these possibilities: The Alaska Zoo, The Anchorage Museum, the AK Museum of Natural History and the Russian Orthodox Museum. Plus some cool gift shops. And I’m looking for restaurants that feature Alaskan cuisine.

The second day will have me traveling to Palmer
. I’m still working on arrangements but hope to go dog sledding, and see a musk ox farm and a caribou farm. Maybe a wolf rehabilitation center too.

The third day I have hopes of taking a “flight seeing” trip to Denali. If I can’t arrange that, I might drive down to Seward. Supposed to be a FABULOUS drive.

I’ll get into Adak on a Sunday (planes come in only on Sundays and Thursdays) and will spend Monday exploring the area and taking tons of pictures. Sometime Tuesday I will either be picked up by someone from Himself’s ship or I’ll hitch a ride on a fishing boat out to the ship.

From there, I’ll be working in the kitchen and doing some documenting photos of production. And of course photos for myself!

We will move from Adak, to perhaps Dutch Harbor, to Akutan and then a bit up to about Kodiak from where we cut across the Gulf of Alaska. I think we will come over to a bit north of Glacier Bay area. From there, it’s down the Inner Passage to Seattle.

All in all, a 2 week trip.

We’ll spend a few days in Seattle before coming home.