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Saturday, December 29, 2007

A Fine Christmas

We had a grand Christmas this year. Tho the visit was short, we went up to my parents home in MO for a few days. Got to see my sister twice.

Christmas day was a good family visit. Sis (and the dogs) made it over late morning and we opened the gifts. Most of what we gave were picked up on our travels; such as jams and jellies, handicrafts and so on. And we received things that were either practical (like a new microwave) or fun (like my ice cube snowman – which will look great next to my purple Christmas tree!). Even the pets get presents. (That's Jack in the picture stationed in the middle of the gifts!)

Then we were treated to a Christmas dinner worthy a 5 star restaurant. Mom fixed a scallop and shrimp sauté AND a wonderful roast, wild rice, oven roasted Brussels sprouts and more. All of my favorite things!

That was followed by an evening of visiting.

A very nice Christmas indeed!

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