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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Looking back... looking ahead

One year ago I wrote on my blog "...this year is shaping up to be exciting." I had no idea just how much those words would come true.

2008... it was a very good year.

I had 118 travel days... 45 of them to see my family. I went to Alaska. We went on a cruise. We bought a house, I moved us into it and we started turning it into our HOME. My sister was married. We joined a new church. I won a state level photo competition and was selected for a juried art show.

2008... it was a very busy year!

Today I hung my new calendar. There's only a few dates that have writing on them, I did succeed in cutting back my outside activities. In 2009 I hope to work on changes to our home and to myself. I'll be working with all those photos I took last year. I'll have time to break out my pots and pans to start REALLY cooking again. I will be doing a lot of digging in the dirt planting things. I will be doing a lot of digging in my new (larger print ) Bible.

2009... a whole new year!

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