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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

So sorry I'm late...

I’ve noticed more and more a time shift is happening in the world. Actually, it’s not a shift in time but a shift in people being on time.

Movies, concerts, meetings, and even to church there are people traipsing in 10 to 20 minutes past the starting time. The other day someone came be-bopping into church service 45 minutes late! Please!! The service in only 60 minutes long!

You interrupt the event’s focus (and no sweetie, you’re not the focus). And folks who were there on time do not appreciate you crawling across them as you drag yourself into the middle seats that are now left.

Let me just put it out here.

People who consistently run late are rude and self-centered!

On a side note: event hosts – STOP asking the people who had the good manners to be on time to “scoot over to make room”. We set our alarms and got ourselves there on time. Why should we be the ones who have to make concessions? There were lots of seats when we got there.

Let these selfish, lazy, inconsiderate people be as ‘inconvenienced’ as possible rather than enabling their rude behavior.

Maybe they’ll learn to tell time…

1 comment:

  1. Everyone has things that happens out of their control which sometimes makes them late... but you are right... the ones who are consistantly late are RUDE!!

    I happened into church late last week, and I sat at the VERY back as to not disturb services. I usually sit on the 3rd or 4th row.


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