Tuesday, February 20, 2018

A Good Case for Picky Eaters

For a while as a child (tho to hear my family speak of it... it lasted years) I went thru a phase where NO food on my plate could touch another food item.  If a pea rolled up onto my mashed potatoes, the entire amount of both was contaminated.

Casseroles?  Forget it.

Dad brought home from school one of those divided trays which solved the 'roll into' issue.  And Mom served me 'deconstructed' meals.  Such as if she were making spaghetti, I would have some cooked hamburger meat, some mushrooms, plain pasta, and whatever veggie was being served ~ each in its own little compartment.

I have no idea why I did this, although I do remember absolutely KNOWING that I could not eat touching foods.

I think I might have figured it out...

The other day in my sorting I came across some women's magazines from the late 1950s and early 1960s (I was born in '62).  Just like today, food companies had ads that featured their foods in "new and wonderful" recipes.

Take a look at these 'yummy' recipes...

Gelatin...Cream of Chicken soup... finely chopped chicken

Oh boy!  We don't even have to chew!

I can just stop with the canned peas on this one.

More gelatin; this time with tomato soup and ground ham.

Think you are looking at zucchini boats?  Look again ~ those are pickles with diced hot dogs in a ketchup sauce.

Ketchup covered hot dogs rolled in corn flake crumbs...

Here's one for you!  A Spam competitor sandwiching a cornbread slice, with cheese sauce on top.

Use up your leftover from yesterday by encasing them all in gelatin!  (That will really make sure the kids eat everything the first time around!)

Here's one to make you pucker ~ more gelatin, citrus this time, that has tomato sauce and vinegar mixed into it.  Stick a bit of cottage cheese in the middle... yum, yum!

Tuna Upside Down Bake

Canned tuna and square carrots.  This is a recipe for a hunger strike...

Because doesn't everyone love their salad encased in gelatin?

Liver folks... that is liver!

That just looks gross...

Even sandwiches weren't safe.

More mush meals.  And what is it with green olives in everything?


Baby, we've come a long way!

OK, I have to give my Mom, Grandmother, and Great-grandma credit... they could really cook!  I'm still using their recipes to this day!

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