Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Remember These?

The other day I was fixing a couple quick grilled cheese sandwiches and musing on how much the recipe has changed for Velveeta.

It used to be really, really tasty AND inexpensive.  Now, it's meh.  I wish I could go back to the '70s  and get a loaf made from the old recipe!

That got Himself and I talking about what foods we miss because they were changed beyond recognition or don't exist at all anymore.

Pinwheels.  These were one of the 'snack' cookies we'd get at snack time in kindergarten.  They've changed so much and have gotten SO expensive for just a smear of chocolate.

I think you can still find these at certain places.  The BEST tho were the Kroger store brand called "Freezer Pleezers.


Why Planters...why?

WAY better than the current 'cake in a cup' stuff.  Especially that chocolate chip cake variety!  MMmmmm!

Old fashioned wieners.  When I was in elementary school Mom worked next to a meat market that had the best link wieners.  

Weird and fun.  The drink was actually pretty darn good.  The balls are tapioca balls, same as in bubble tea.

Himself said he missing the bubble gum that used to be in with trading cards.

He also like Black Jack gum.

And of course there are the old days when Cracker Jacks really had toys in them.

And who can forget "the drink of astronauts"?

So... what do you miss?


  1. I read in the newspaper today that the Necco wafer company may be closing, and if so the candy would no longer be manufactured. That would be a loss.

  2. Not Neccos!!!!! And isn't that the company that makes the Valentines hearts?


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