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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Alaskan Gentleman

Before I made it aboard the Independence, it had to move to a quieter cove up at the Great Sitkin island. This raised some question of how I would get out to it. Personally I wasn’t too concerned as I knew the corporate folks were still on and they WOULD find a way to leave. I was visiting with a group of Adak folks who were full of questions as to why I was there and what did I think of their island. Eventually we got around to talking about when and how I was going out to the Indy and we discussed the options…which included the idea of chartering someone to take me out there and how much it would cost.

And old fishing captain who had opted not to do state fishing was sitting there listening to the conversation. He’d finally had all he could stand and barked, “Aw hell, I’ll take you out there and I won’t charge you anything either!!”

What a sweetheart.

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