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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Encyclopedia of Moi: L

Luna moth:  Beautiful, mysterious, and rare.  I’m still as excited to see one now as I was that first time when I was a child. 

Ladybug:  When I was just starting school, our neighbor had two maple trees in his yard that where usually full of lady bugs.  And not just red/black dot lady bugs… there were black/red dot and yellow/black dot.  They fascinated me.  I’ve never seen such a variety since. 

Little Brown Puppy and A Falling Star:  My favorite childhood book.  About a homeless puppy who chases a falling star and find a home instead.  Mom found a copy for me about 15 years ago.  It was a lot of work and I really appreciate it.  I’ll make sure Little Bird and Little Hoss have a copy in their little library! (OK, I realize that “Little” isn’t actually in the title… but that is what I called it as a child!) 

Lists:  I have probably killed a whole forest to supply all the paper I’ve used to make lists on!  I make all sorts of lists. Not just your standard “to do” or “grocery” lists, but personal like my “50 Before 50” list or what movies I’ve seen (computers have saved a lot of trees as most of my lists now are in excel).  And man-oh-man… when I am planning a big trip, you should see the lists I make!

Lavender:  One of my favorite scents.  Recently I found a lavender based perfume and it’s wonderful!  Found out Little Bird loves lavender too.  I brought her back a sachet from WA and she sniffed and sniffed it. 

Lily:  In particular, day lilies.  I really enjoy these easy to grow flowers.  What I like is there are so many colors and shapes.  It’s fun to find a new one and put it in the garden. 

Lilacs:  A favorite flower AND scent!  I’ve planted 4 along the west side of the shed and next spring I’m going to plant 4 more on the east side.  I can’t wait til I can cut bunches to bring inside! 

Lobster:  Everything is better if there is lobster in it! 

Lace:  I am amazed by the REAL stuff.  One of these days I want to see lace makers who still use bobbins to hand-make lace.  And I want a piece of it… which I will frame because I’ll only be able to afford a small piece… 

Letters:  In high school I started writing pen pals and by the mid 90s, I had about 30 pen pals from all over the world.  It was fascinating.  As email and the internet took over, people started writing less and less.  I still have a few of those original pen pals but we’re down to a letter at Christmas.  But now I get to write letters to my sponsor kids.  So the fun continues!

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  1. Fine photos for your L words. Thanks for your recent visit to my blog.


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