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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Lighthouse and Beach at Ft. Worden (Port Townsend, WA)

I like lighthouses.  A lot.  So when Friday morning was sunny and yet wonderfully cool, I decided to spend it out at the lighthouse.

There was a sign at the park visitor center saying there were tours of the lighthouse that day.  But when I got out there it was locked up tight.  Bummer!! 

But it was still pretty to look at.  It would have been a great place to live and I imagine the view from up there is spectacular. 

Since I couldn’t get near the lighthouse I decided to walk around it.  I followed the fence towards the beach and saw this sign…
Uff-da!  However, in looking around I saw that was the ONLY sign stating this.  And it was not visible from the beach.  So I decided to take my chances – like the few other people walking along the beach. 

Strolling through the sand dunes was very peaceful.  By this time I was the only person out there.  What a treat to have it all to myself. 

Wildflowers were everywhere, many I had never seen before.  Just beautiful!

As I reached the beach and its pile of driftwood, I had this view of the lighthouse.

I ambled along enjoying my time there and all the amazing things to be seen… like this piece of kelp. 

It was a nice walk.  The sea on one side and flower-covered dunes on the other.  And I had it all to myself.  Well, I did have one visitor as I sat on a huge driftwood log.  He was quite a character. 

But that’s another story…

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  1. Hi Teri, It's been so long since my last visit over here, I see you had a lovely visit to the Pacific coast. It was so fun to see you are a "rule-breaker" too when need be! ~Lili


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