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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Favorites: Roadside Produce Stands

One of my favorite roadside stops during traveling is at a local produce/fruit stand.  Not only do you get to sample different fresh local produce, it gives you a chance to visit with people from the area. 
This stand is on the large side…but it was still a fun stop.
There were so many apple varieties available to purchase!
Most were packed in bags with each variety in a different section of the large tables.  There were also small baskets with each variety for you to taste.
Want more than a little bag?  There were bushel boxes for sale too.
I always look for a variety I’ve never had.  This year it was “Ambrosia”.  I got several bags and sent one to Missouri for the babies.  They are very good and do hold up to baking nicely.
Besides produce, this stand had a bakery.  Their apple cider donuts were fantastic, as were the turnovers.
There were also many handmade items for sale, such as this quilt.
Outside were pumpkins and gourds.
In a separate area caramel candied apples were being dipped. 
Himself sneaked back in and snagged one of those caramel apples! 
Yep…it was a good stop!!

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