Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Guest Blogger (Himself): Humming Along...

I've been working on a few creative things as I work on feeling better.  One of those things I'm having fun with is making moss gardens.  Himself wrote a story about it for his email list group.


Recall that when someone is so contentedly working on something they enjoy doing – building a model airplane for instance – that they ‘whistle as they work’?   There may be someone else around them – doesn’t matter.  They are fully engrossed and would whistle if you were there or not.  

That...is contentment.

As I fiddled on the computer today ‘doing Himself things’, Teri was downstairs....creating.  And humming along as she was doing it.  What was ‘it’?

Moss garden!

In the setup for the below pictures, Teri recently asked me to retrieve moss off rocks/trees during one of my walks to the lake.   She had plans for it!
Take a look...


 Teri working in her studio on a resin ‘face’ that had cracked in the ice/snow/thawing that we had gotten over the years.  In this picture you can see various terrariums, a bucket of dirt, a jar of activated charcoal (to sweeten the soil) and piles of moss as she designs some sort of ‘scene’.  


 Up closer.  (The bag on the far corner is the trash bag that I had retrieved ten pounds of moist moss.   That close-up bowl with the cross and the sheep was from last year - Teri will be replacing the moss.  Ref the terrariums, that is where the activated charcoal comes in...with moss/wood chips/soil products in an enclosed damp container, it.......can become ‘whiffy’.  The charcoal keeps it sweet.


 Teri placing shreds of moss within cracks on the face that were caused by freezing/thawing.


Poking ‘em in...and watering them.




 Up close.
Every so often I would appear with a fresh cuppa tea to my content & humming wife.
The good stuff...


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  1. Love your creativity, Teri! Nice to hear from "Himself," too!


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