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Sunday, February 7, 2016

The Crud, Terabytes, and Flotsam

Hi... I'm back... sort of.

For the last week and a half I've been rockin' case of The Crud.  I'm feeling better but still not myself.  Himself has been a sweetheart and is keeping me in hot tea and treats.

As such, not much has happened around here, so I've had nothing to write about.  Reading, thinking, drawing Zentangles, messing around on my laptop, and napping have been my activities.

In fact, the laptop has been one of my main activities.  I've been having issues for the last few months with very, very, VERY slow morning start-ups.  I'm talking about it taking an hour to run its morning computer yoga and get ready for business.  It would just not 'go'.  A look at my drive space showed I was almost full... just a little bit til it hit the 4G mark.  Uff-da!

So I got out the Terabyte drive and start transferring everything over (needed to do a good backup anyway).  That took hours... I have almost 100,000 photos.  That's just crazy and an issue to be dealt with later.  Once everything was copied over and triple checked that it really truly was on the TB drive, I started slowly deleting off files, photos, and music that I don't regularly use.  I did it in small batches (relatively speaking) and after dumping the trash can I would do a quick defrag and reboot.

Della's (my laptop) hard drive is now around 200 G lighter.  And it looks good on her!  LOL  No more super slow start-ups.

I'm looking forward to getting back to my self again.  There are so many projects lined up to do and share.

Oh, we did have a bit of excitement on Thursday.

Apparently the Corp of Engineers released a bunch of debris (mainly tree and tree pieces-parts) that had been trapped up against the Cheatham Dam.  We noticed the river looked funny and went down to look.  It was full of junk!  So we jumped in the car and drove to a boat ramp a little over 2 miles downstream.

We got there just as the debris field floated in.  By the time it got dark (over a half hour later), it stretched bank to bank and was still coming.  There were quite some bangs as the big stuff hit one of the navigational buoys near the ramp.  I wonder if they will have to be reset?

Now that I'm starting to feel better, I will answer the emails piled up in my box.  Irish!  You're the first one... you did it good, didn't you??

So, that's what I have been up to.

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