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Saturday, October 29, 2016

KM: Products - Personal and Household

Continuing with the KonMari tidying, my next two areas were 'personal products' and 'household products'.

The former took no time at all...maybe 15 minutes.  We basically have just what we actually use, plus a few refills for those things you really don't want to run out of.  Outside of some products that didn't work out as we'd hoped, it was all good.

I KonMari discarded just one WalMart shopping bag of items.

On the other hand, the household products took an afternoon.

Unfortunately I forgot to take my "before" photo.  Just imagine the below shelf crammed - and I mean CRAMMED - full of stuff.

Himself and I set up a couple of 8' folding tables and emptied everything from everywhere onto them.  Then the sorting started.  

Products that had been pushed behind were brought out and put where we would use them up. 

 Products that for whatever reason we didn't care for were given away.

And some products hit the trash can.

What was left was put away and we ended up with that tidy shelf in the first picture.

Looking good!

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