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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Read All About It! Book KonMari Discards 132!

It's KonMari time again!

Books...oh boy.

There were books in every room of the house including my studio.  I wanted the book category to be done in one sweep so this time I did upstairs (the lesser amount) then downstairs.  It's isn't the precise KonMari method but books are HEAVY and I wasn't about to tote them up and down the stairs!

Each one was picked up and looked carefully at.  Did it 'spark joy'?

A few of the books that didn't make the cut.  There were 132 of them discarded.  Some went to Goodwill plus one bag of magazines that went to recycling.  I did list some up on PaperBackSwap and got 14 fast hits.  Works for me!

Himself will be going through his books and magazines in the near future.  He has a few other projects in the front of the queue.

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