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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Keeping on, keeping on!

Still rolling along with my goals from my 12 Goals plan.

"Clutter Free Me" - I'm doing constant tweaking now. The upstairs stays in good shape and I'm refining small areas like the tool box or the cleaning kit I keep under the sink. My office downstairs is always in a state of flux, as I go thru the "clutter boxes" I stashed in the garage and tackle projects like my bookshelves. Garage & shed wait their turn at being decluttered and organized... which will happen when Himself comes home. Too much big heavy stuff for me to be fooling with.

"Remodel Me" - Diet is going... Everything I've lost has stayed off, but I've hit a plateau on losing. My fault because of attitude. However, I'm working thru it. This time I'm learning instead of quitting. The organized closet is terrific and I've only worn a T Shirt in public a couple times - and those were when I was going to be doing some loading or unloading of stuff. When you work... you gotta wear a working shirt!

The bifocals just did not work out. Between getting a splitting headache every time I wore them and just not liking the way they made me see, I sent them back and got a pair of single vision glasses and a pair of prescription reading glasses. At this point, I have no issues seeing the computer with my normal glasses and what little reading I do outside of my books/magazines at home can be done with the normal ones too... even if I have to stretch my arm a bit! For serious reading, I'll slip on the reading glasses. Oh, I did have them checked and was told they were exactly as they should be.

"Taming the Paper Tiger" - Egad! It is worse than I thought! I have been doing some heavy duty sorting just to get some sort of control. I have a box with "official" papers (receipts, instruction manuals, etc), one with "home ideas" & recipes, one with letters from my sponsor kids, one with photos I run across, one with "office" papers (notebooks, note pads, envelopes, etc). I've done some culling with the sorting - enough to fill a bunch of small trash bags. But all in all, it's a LOT less than I started with. I will be able to finish by the end of the month.

Himself will be home soon. They are at the end of their cod fishing season - now working on the "state" fishing catch. It takes 10 days - roughly - to go from Adak, AK to Tacoma, WA. He's going to be so surprised out what I've gotten done. He doesn't know about the laundry room!


  1. Kudos Teri! Your hard work is paying off! Deane will be thrilled as he always is when he gets home.

  2. This has been a good season. I was much better on staying focused and not "biting off" too much.


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