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Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Taste of Spring

I have truly enjoyed having a snowy winter this year. I've made snow men, thrown snow balls, and taken tons of beautiful photos. But now I am done with winter weather.

Because it's March and that means Spring. The crocuses are blooming and the daffodil leaves are 5 inches high. Tulips are peeking out. And I'm seeing some mystery bulbs coming up too. Don't you just love flowering surprises!?

Yesterday really gave me a case of "Spring Fever". I spent the day at the Nashville Lawn and Garden Show. Oh my! I am so ready to dig in the dirt. The show is held at the State Fairgrounds (which I heard yesterday has been sold for development!! How sad it that!!!). There was building after building of landscaper displays, flower shows, garden clubs, and booths selling yard pretties and gardening equipment.

Some of the landscaping displays had ideas that I will modify and use in my yard.
I have several display stones in my yard and I love this presentation. I know just how I'm going to use the idea.

This rustic pergola is perfect for our fire pit area. And I shouldn't have too much trouble finding the cedar logs in areas they are bulldozing for building on. Have chainsaw... will cut!

This idea with the logs will work for up there too. When they eventually rot, it's cheap (free) and easy to replace.

Isn't this the cutest little display idea? I'm seeing something like this in front of my shed.

I just love this sweet little sitting area. I have several places where I could use this idea.

This fountain garden is a bit European formal for my home but isn't it elegant?

This checker board of ground cover mosses is such a neat idea. It can be modified to so many different designs.

There was a lovely orchid display and 4 or 5 booths selling them. I love orchids but don't think I could keep them alive. I have to settle for silk orchids and photos.
Another display was of beautiful and unusual floral arrangements.

This one was different!

This tropical arrangement made me want to book a cruise to Hawai'i!

Now this feels like SPRING! I could do something like this. The base is a wide clear bowl. Then the blooming branches and tulips are in individual clear glasses set in the bowl. I think the flowers were held in place with clear glass stones.

Pretty as a picture!

Traditional. Love the orange and purple.

This one makes me think of an old abandoned farm house.

Love the orchids and feathers!

This one caught my eye.

And I just couldn't resist snapping this photo! No one was going to tell him what not to do!!!


  1. Teri - Your photos are beautiful. I had to take a nap after reading your profile - you are one busy lady!

    That display stone picture gave me an idea for an area (or two) I'm re-doing. Still thinking about a pond (a non-electric natural one) but that idea's still up in the air.

    Thanks for visiting moi...

  2. The first pic is pretty spectacular..., that's an actual gardenscape they created, right! It looks so sureal. And I like the rustic pergola and logs too!

  3. A lot of ideas there, my head would be swimming if I got to attend something like that! I can't wait to start digging in the dirt! ~Lili

  4. Your home and garden show is so much more interesting than our local one. Thanks for the pics. Congrats on your laundry room makeover. Very nice looking and practical. We are looking at parts of our home with a jaded eye right now, too.

  5. Oh Teri, can you upload some gardening talent to me? No? Well, I'll just have to keep admiring those who do have it...while not touching anything they're trying to grow. I swear I have the ability to kill off plants if I lurk too near to them. Thankfully, I only have this impact on gardens, not gardeners, mercifully.

    Those were lovely pictures, and I enjoyed them. I particularly like the man who was boldly going exactly wherever he pleased!

  6. Maya - yes, that was inside the building. Isn't it a great idea? I think it would be fun to have it in a flower garden with a "painting" of one of the types of flowers you have planted.

    Lili - I keep myself in check by asking me how would I pull it off. Usually works...


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