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Monday, April 19, 2010

Paper Tiger Update

FILING - Well, this one hit a speed bump. Some family responsibilities of a serious nature needed to come first. However, everything has been sorted thru and culled. All that remains is to drop each piece of paper into its very own file in the file cabinet.

IDEA NOTEBOOKS - This hit the same speed bump. I have some small rose colored totes that I've sorted the clippings into and will get them into their respective notebooks as time allows.

CARDS - Yep... had more than Hallmark... And I am now down to 2 small file boxes: one has general note/thinking about you cards and the other has every other type you can imagine - with dividers to keep them organized. AND I won't be buying Christmas cards this year. I have enough 'leftover' cards from the years past to send out to everyone in 2010 (might even have some leftover!). What remained filled a gallon zippie. These went over to Best Friend for her to pick thru with instructions if there were any left they were NOT to come back to me!

BOOKS - That is done!!! My shelves are painted and filled with my books. As I shelved, I culled thru the books and have several boxes to donate to various places.

MAGAZINES - They are pretty much done. I go thru them when I'm relaxing or waiting on something. Of course going thru them adds to the filing and notebook pile. LOL

So all things considered, I'm fairly happy with what I've gotten done up to this point. Systems are in place and organizing is being done.

And that is what I wanted to accomplish most.

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  1. I'm so proud of your determination and follow through...actually, I'm a lot jealous of it! It must be a great feeling. ~Lili


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