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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Projects for Home and Yard

My monthly goal project has been working so well I've decided to expand the idea to some other areas I'm having trouble focusing on -- doing some room renovations in our home and working on a few landscaping projects.

I'm going to work on a specific area of my home every month. And I'll have a project in the yard every month thru October. They may not be a big project, but it will be a complete project. That should bring about some serious progress.

April is kind of the 'kick off'. My goal of cleaning out the shed spills into my project areas. I want to make the shed area cute on the inside and out.

This area could be very cute with a window box and a bench...

How do you like that pile of "stuff" around it? The wagon wheel came from Himself's family homestead in ND, the dark tubs are planter boxes for my new Asian style arbor (you'll see that when I work on the front walk next month), the deep sink is the one I took out of the laundry room - I'm going to repurpose it as part of my planting bench that will be behind the shed, and the metal leaning at the corner is the rest of the arbor.

And can't you just see a row of lilacs blooming along here? That will sure look better than my arbor pieces, wheelbarrow, and trash can! LOL

1 comment:

  1. Oh yes yes yes! I can definitely see blooming lilacs. And I can most certainly smell their lovely fragrance too! ~Lili


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