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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Flood Clean Up in Clarksville, TN

We left for MO on the 6th, as the flood waters were still coming down. Riverside Drive (where many of the earlier photos I posted were taken) reopened to traffic on Sunday night.

We drove downtown a couple days ago to see what had happened to our city. It was amazing.

Himself pointing to the crest levels of Clarksville’s two great floods. His top hand is pointing to the 1937 mark and his bottom hand is pointing to the high water mark of 2010.

When we were downtown on the 3rd, the water was just touching the tires of this truck. Himself is showing the high water mark.

High water mark on a Riverside Drive building.

A flooded bank doing business out of this RV.

High water marks on a local restaurant.

Cleaning up.

Washed away river bank.

Hardware City was hard hit. This is the type of store that was CRAMMED full of every sort of thing you could ever want. They are asking for volunteers to help empty the store and sort the merchandise.

Himself and I will be going down next week to help

The river crested above the dark band on the bridge support.

High water mark on a truck at the Two Rivers office complex. Himself said it was about 9’. Parked next to it was someone’s Jaguar.

Restaurant cleaning out at the complex.

High water mark is just below the red band near the top of the ATM.

Coin and jewelry shop cleaning up.

Shoney’s hauling out their ruined furniture.

Andy’s Pharmacy doing business out of the building’s garage while they clean up the shop portion.

Everyone is trying to help with the clean up. Here is a farmer’s water tank being used to wash out a parking lot.

And the fire department is using one of their tankers.


  1. Amazing photos. What a blessing you two will be in your plans to help those who need a hand cleaning up.

  2. Teri, I hope you and yours were safe during that unbelievable rain. The pictures are amazing. Thanks for stopping by and following. Oh, I love the pictures of the 3 generations for Mother's Day. What great memories. Blessings


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