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Monday, May 3, 2010

Tennessee Flood Outside Our Door

Perhaps you've seen on TV the news of the flooding in middle Tennessee. That's right where we are.

Our home has had about (guessing) 10-12 inches in the last 2 days. While we are on the Cumberland River, we are on the high side of it and look across at the flood plain. So it's been no real problem except for some gullies cut in our driveway. Minor stuff.

Here's an autumn photo of the river as seen from our deck. You can see how high the flood plain is from the river bed. 

And here is the same view with the flooding. That ridge of rock is the top of the bank!  

Here's another view from the other side of the valley from our house. 

 We left for church early to drive thru downtown to see how it was there. This is big turn-bridge on Riverside Drive. It is usually at least 10 feet lower.

And here's a closer shot about 5 hours later. 

Still rising. 

On Riverside Drive looking south at the "smokestacks".  

A car dealership on Riverside. He was moving his cars out of the lot.  

The back of the Riverside Conference Center. Just past it is the Ingram sand lot. The water was already over the bank there and into the property. 

The entrance of the old Fairground/soon to be marina. As we went by there were a group of men huddled up talking and pointing... their equipment down near the river that would soon be underwater! (Taken from the Zinc Plant bridge). The park was almost completely flooded. 

This is the parking lot in the back of the old Two Rivers mall. When we had gone thru 5 hours earlier the water was just at the edge of the parking lot. Now it is over a full parking row.  

Himself at a popular fishing area on the backside of Clarksville Base on Ft. Campbell. We've never seen the water over the bridge...never mind that far up the road!  

The picnic area of Lake Taal on Ft. Campbell (behind the stables). Check out the logs that had floated in! 

 The park from the top of the Lake Taal spillway. That is normally a nice little creek.

Flood waters tearing over the spillway. 

Not today...


  1. Wow, be careful Teri. Hope you see a rainbow soon. ~Lili

  2. Oh Teri!! I hope the waters recede quickly, and with as little damage as possible. Those pictures are both awe-inspiring and a little frightening.

    Oh, and by the way? I finally, finally found a light fixture I liked this weekend, and have it ordered...but I'm guessing you have other matters on your mind!

    Stay dry, stay dry. Oh let it drain away harmlessly.

  3. Great minds...I just put up my own post about the flooding!

    Thanks for posting Ashland Cty pictures. The news channels have been focusing on Nashville and Clarksville, so I've been curious what was going on in our neck of the woods. And what a day to have to conserve water! I just got two new puppies, and I REALLY need to mop the floors!

  4. Amazing photos Teri! What a time of trial this has been. Today we are going into the drug store over by Big Lots and helping them pull things out of there! Crazy day!


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