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Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday photos of the Clarksville flooding.

We got up early today and went downtown to see what had happened overnight.  UF-DA!!!  Major flooding and the water was still rising!!

Sunday - bridge high water marks

Monday - even higher

Sunday - road near our house (we are on the other side of the creek)


All the rest of the photos are along Riverside Drive between Commerce and N. Second St.
At Main St and Riverside Dr.

Looking north from the pedistrian bridge at College St.

And looking south.

Briggs Clothiers.  Thankfully our friend had moved earlier in the year!

Some Midas customers are NOT going to be happy!

Two Rivers office complex from the Sonic parking lot.


Hooter's at Two Rivers.

Shoney's on North Second and Riverside.  The flow is from the Red River.

Intersection at Riverside-North 2nd-New Providence-Kraft St.

Hi-Lo on Riverside.

McD's on North Second.  They were moving things out while we were there.

This semi went over to the flooding motels and helped people get their cars moved!

Service bay at a car dealership next to Sonic.

Harbor Freight Tools in the Two Rivers complex.


New China

Tire shop next to O'Charlie's.  Waste Management was trying to round-up their dumpsters.

Nothing they could do but watch.

River near our house.


  1. Amazing pictures. It is going to take a lot of work to dig out from the mess this flood is leaving. Thinking of you, and hoping your house is on higher ground.

  2. I am glad you guys made it home. (Terry)

  3. Teri, I'm so sorry to see you are in the same shape as we are, water everywhere !
    I saw on the evening news where Clarksville, has lots of major highways shut down, and the river was to crest this evening, as it is doing right now in Nashville.
    My own house had flooding in the garage and land, but nothing like some people have.
    They have lost, cars, pets.
    It's all so very sad. Please take care out there !

  4. Great photos once again! I know the river is still rising in Ashland City; have you any idea how far the water has gone? I was wondering if Strattons might be under.

  5. Ethel - I haven't found any photos of Ashland City. Stratton's is so low I fear for it!

    Jo - the losses have been terrible. I feel so blessed...

    Terry - it took us over an hour to get from downtown out to Sango!!

    Brenda - there will be much work to be done over the next few weeks. I've already told my mission's pastor "have truck...will work".

  6. Please stay safe! Glad your home isn't affected but feel so bad for all of those that have lost everything!

  7. Great photos, but so sad to see. Even though I've heard a lot about the flooding in Clarksville, the photos of business after business filled with water are still shocking.


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