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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summertime Plans

What an incredibly busy June this has been!! Up to today, I have only been home six days … and I had something going on 5 of those days. I got home last night from a week in MO celebrating Little Hoss’ 1st birthday.

Now I’m back and I’m working on my plans for the next 8 weeks. Catching up on my blogging is definitely on the list! I’ve just started telling about my trip to Washington State and there have been a couple road trips since!

I have several outside projects lined up for my EARLY mornings (only time it’s possible to do yard work here in steamy TN). I’m going to put in a Japanese courtyard in front of my house (the area between the sidewalk and the house) and I am going to get my herb garden in and finally I am going to work on one small area in the ‘bird garden’ to make it look beautiful.

During the heat of the day (that being from 9am to past sunset!) I will work on inside projects. The big project is remodeling my hobby room. This is the one messed up with the water damage. I’m setting up an area in the garage as a temporary hobby area (and building a permanent workbench area) so I can keep building/crafting/creating. I’m determined to start keeping up with the theme challenges at Funky Junk!

And there are all sorts of classes lined up to tell you about (and ones I’ve taken too!). There’s a lot of cooking going on this summer. Wait til you hear about my CSA boxes.

Yep… summer is looking like a lot of fun!


  1. Oooh, is that your place in the picture? It looks just like a place around here I took a pic of in the snow.

    I've been away, too, so I'm just getting around to visiting all my friends.

    I miss being able to do that yard work. Since I don't get home from work until 2AM, I'm asleep during the less-than-miserable hours of the morning. And after being stung by a cow killer ant in the wee hours of the morning last summer, I refuse to stick my arm behind the shrubs in the dark to turn on the faucet. My poor flowers are suffering. At least we've gotten some rain this week!

  2. No, the photo was taken near Adams, TN during a drive thru the country.


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