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Monday, June 13, 2011

Wandering In Washington

I am just back from a trip out to Washington State.  It’s been 3 years since I’ve been there.  Himself had to take some medical renewal classes before he left for Alaska, so it was the perfect opportunity for a short vacation. 

Himself has a cousin who lives east of Tacoma who invited us to stay with them.  We always enjoy visiting with M and L.  Their home faces Mt. Rainier; you can just see it in this photo I took from our room as L was grilling salmon for dinner.

I really like western Washington.  Even tho the weather was rainy for a good portion of our trip,

…it always cleared up right when we wanted to do something outside.  And it was so cool… unlike the temperatures in Tennessee!

I don’t mind the rain.  That’s why it looks so beautiful there!

Besides, the rain makes for its own beauty.

Like this drippy tree (photo taken by Himself!).

And the amazing variety of mosses…

…which are on just about any surface that doesn’t move!

Mt. Rainier did come out a few times.  On clear days it dominates the eastern horizon.  I was surprised at how far away you can see it. 

I’m drawn to the rivers that flow down from it.  Cold and clear, they run over smooth granite boulders.  Every time we visit I fill a large flat-rate postal box (or two) with cobble stones I’ve picked up.  You may laugh about mailing rocks, but they are a great souvenir of our visits. 

The other thing I love about western Washington are its beaches. 

Dark volcanic sand, driftwood and cool breezes…

…and lots of those granite boulders and cobbles.

We packed a lot into our two weeks. There are so many things to share that I’m going to write about them over a few weeks time.

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  1. Ahhhh. Thanks for the reminder of the good things about WA. Living here, moss and rain loses it's appeal pretty fast- but I suppose the area holds it's own sort of magic for this "desert girl". :)


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