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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Busy Days

Wow, I sure haven’t been around in Blog Land very much lately!  There’s been a whole lot of decluttering going on… and I’m tired in the evening.  I haven’t been blog writing or working on creative project or even doing much interesting cooking. 
Himself and I have gotten the downstairs pretty much empty.  The carpet in the work area has been ripped up and the glued down padding scraped up.  The now scrubbed clean concrete floor will be painted with a coat of oil based Kilz.  We’ll have that done before Christmas.  I’m going to keep it with just the paint until I’m pretty much done with the room, then I’ll put the flooring down.  That way I don’t have to mess with being careful not to damage it while I’m painting and building in there.
I have a side project going on during this.  At “A Bowl Full of Lemons” ( ), Toni is doing an 8 week series (with an e-book you can purchase) on emergency preparedness.  Since I’ve wanted to turn the area under the steps into a storm shelter I’m going to work along with this as best I can.  I really wish she hadn’t picked December (!) to start something like this but it is as it is…
After Christmas we will paint all the walls with the left-over paint from upstairs.  I WAY over estimated how much I needed.  Lemons into lemonade, now I have plenty of paint for my studio! 
Speaking of Christmas, I’ve been busy going thru all our decorations.  This is our 5th Christmas here but we’ve only decorated 3 times.  So this year we are putting EVERYTHING out… and what isn’t used is going to be donated.  When we put it all back in storage in Jan, it will be meticulously organized and labeled. 
In the evening when I’m just too tired to do much I have been going thru my boxes of photo prints.  I’m doing a method that is a hybrid between photo albums and scrapbooking.  The name I’ve heard applied to the technique is “speed scrapbooking”.   For now I’m working solely with the photographs, but in the New Year I will work on the journaling and memorabilia portion.  I’ll blog about it then. 
So… while my blog is pretty quiet right now, come January I’ll have a ton of things to show and talk about. 


  1. You Christmas decorating idea is smart. Last year I tried to donate some things I didn't want any more AFTER the holiday; the thrift store had a sign in their window stating they had too many decorations and they weren't accepting any more.

  2. Teri you must have the most organized household by now! You are always coming up with great ideas for storage and decluttering. Our place is slowly getting cleared out and put into my shop...ha! It's nice to have a place to craft in!


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