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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Creative Together

While up in MO for Thanksgiving, I had some special time with Little Bird.  Her art easel was set up and while she colored a picture, I drew some ‘graffiti’ art with her name and flowers on the chalkboard side.
She had a blast creating with her Auntie.
Every so often she would come around to admire how her name was looking. 
Then she would be right back over working on her own master piece!
Proud little artist!
Now it is time to color in ‘Snuffy’. 
She decided this creation was going to be a joint endeavor.
Finishing off the art piece with a bit of 3 year old abstracts…
Then she handed it off to me, with instructions to put it on my fridge, take a picture and email it to her.  (I need to get on that!)
After we were finished with the creation of art, we discussed her “artistic point-of-view”.
“Yes Baby Girl… the critics just done understand genius.”
“It’s just really hard to understand Auntie.”
“Maybe someone just needs to explain it to them?”


  1. How cute is that??? I can only imagine all the fun you have with your Niece and Nephew.

  2. this. Especially when she wanted you to email it to cute!


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