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Saturday, December 1, 2012

My 'Studio': The Makeover Begins

Over a year ago I started the makeover of my hobby room/office; only to be stopped by storm damage.  Everything I’d done had to be taken apart…and more.  With the resulting chaos moved furniture and hastily boxed items it became overwhelming to start over.

And so it has sat.

But a few weeks ago I really started wanting to get in there and finish it.  So I’ve been plugging away at the clutter.  Boxes marked “Keep” – labeled for when once full and I put everything away, “Donate” – that go straight to one of the charity stores I give to, and “Junk” – which goes to the garbage dumpsters.

I’ve almost gotten everything packed up and moved out (one way or the other).  Then I can start the real makeover work – replacing damaged carpet with paint friendly vinyl, painting over the dark paneled walls, and removing a ‘bar’ built by the previous owners.

(These are photos from our ‘walk thru’ before we bought it…and where I need to get it back to so I can start the makeover.)

I’m really excited that it is finally coming together.  In a couple months I will finally have the ‘studio’ I have wanted to create in! 

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