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Thursday, November 13, 2014

A Shopping Tradition

A bittersweet afternoon.

Every visit to Himself's uncle and aunt, the four of us would always go shopping at the local Younkers... Aunt D and I pouring over the clothes racks, while Uncle A and Himself would sit in the man chairs acting pitiful.  

This year we were there without Uncle A.  Just 10 days earlier Aunt D lost her husband of almost 76 years.  

Heading down the aisle... Aunt D is so petite that it is easy to loose track of her.

Checking out the decorated sweat shirts that she loves to wear.

She looked through the slacks even tho she didn't want any.

One of the times our paths crossed.  We admired the great color on the cookware set but that was as far as it went.

Then it was back to stalking the great bargains!

She and Himself made fun of the Olaf's in the "Frozen" display.

Always have to check out the purses!

Chilling while I pay for my new shirts.

With my three new shirts (they have the BEST clearance sales).  

It was a wonderful and sad afternoon.  Aunt D enjoyed the trip but she so missed Uncle A.

So did we...

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