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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Tying One On... On A Quilt, That Is!

Recently I was invited by a friend (Whisperer) to a multi-generational family tie-quilting bee.  Well you KNOW I jumped on that chance!  My friend's mom (The Quiltress) is well known for her beautiful quilts.

The first tool of the trade is her home-made quilt frame.  Many quilts have been put together on this simple rig.

Here the frame is being set up to hold a throw size quilt top.

After the size was set, the backing was pinned in.

Then the batting was cut.

And the top was tacked down to finish the 'quilt sandwich'.

The tacks keep it evenly taunt.

Then Whisperer's daughter-in-law picked out the yarn she wanted it tied with.

Then the tying began...




Repeat a million times!

Then start on the second quilt!

I had a lot of fun!

Didn't know I'd be getting in my Pilate's in... quilter style!

Couldn't resist this view!  LOL

The Quiltress showed me how to bind the quilt edge to finish.  I really think I can do it now.  And if not, I've been invited to call the Quiltress if I have any problems.

Here's a little something else I wanted to show you.  The Quiltress has been keeping count the number of quilts that have been done on this frame... by type.  

The first throw size of this year... and the first quilt made by D-I-L.

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