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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Weaning Experiment

Once again we were there for the weaning of Whisperer's calves.  She did a couple new things this time.  

First, the pens and squeeze chute were put in the arena.  Much warmer! 

It was pretty easy to move them into the small pen.

Whatever bunch came around to that corner were 'next'!

The side of the squeeze chute was pushed in to move them forward.

And their head was caught in the head bale.

Then as quick as a wink, the second new thing happened!

A 'nose flap' was popped on.  This little device gets in the way when the calf tries to nurse but doesn't interfer with eating or drinking water.  So the calf can stay with its mama... causing less stress, less illnesses from stress, and less bawling in the barnyard.

Next they are weighed and wormed.

And released to go back out to the waiting herd.

Mama cow is all like "WHAT is that thing in your nose?"

Everything is good until someone tries to get a little lunch from the milk bar...

... and it doesn't work.

Hmmmm... maybe that corn doesn't look so bad after all...

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