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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Day Six of My Captivity...

The beginning of this week started with the predictions of snow.  I was excited; it's been a long time since we've had snow.  My only worry was that the salt truck had not made a visit to our steep curvy hill.

We woke up to this Monday morning.  A bit of pelty snow -- that hard snow that looks like little Styrofoam balls.  I was so disappointed!

But then it continued to 'percepitate'.  It snowed, it sleeted, it dropped a wee bit of freezing rain.

Day Two:  Tuesday morning the yard was all sparkly and beautiful.

Day Three:  Wednesday the salt truck showed up but he didn't blade the road.  It was a mess.  We could barely walk up the hill, no way we could drive it.  Wednesday night we set a new record low... -5*F.

Day Four:  Thursday high temperature was 15*F.   No getting out today.  So we loafed and watched the deer browsing in the lower yard.  (That is Tripod... she and her family are regulars to our yard.)

Day Five:  Friday the road "looked" like it was melting with all that salt the road crew had laid down.  NOT!  It was our shortest trip ever... we made it 10 feet out of the driveway before we rolled/slid back in.  All that melty road was now a solid sheet of ice.

Then this started...

...more snow...

...and then freezing rain!

We went to bed with this radar image in our minds.  Prayers were said for PLEASE let us NOT loose electricity (exactly 21 years ago we had a big ice storm and lost power for 9 days!).

Day Six:  Today we woke up to rain... beautiful, wonderful wet rain.  The furnace was running and it was warm.

With all the dripping and slushy driveway, Himself decided to check out the road.  Surely it was melting fast.

As I watched him 'surf' down it a few times, I knew I probably wasn't getting out today.  He affirmed that when he finally came back in.

Then at 4:30pm I heard a wonderful sound!

The snow plow had come to rescue me from my cabin fever!

Or maybe not...

Yikes!!  That is our neighbor's yard he's sliding into... for the SECOND time!  He tried at least 10 times to get back up our hill.

I was starting to think we might have an overnight guest.

After an hour to trying, he finally made it up the hill.  I think we will be able to get out tomorrow... he laid down half a truck load of salt to use for traction to get out!


  1. you must be in our neck of the woods...We were able to get out on Saturday midday...and we live in Nashville city limits!!

  2. South Montgomery Co. These country roads are bad! We finally got out Sunday late afternoon.


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